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Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could schedule each house clearance around the seasons? Waiting till spring or autumn each year would be great. Without the sun beating down on you, the environment would be a little cooler and manual labour would be a little simpler.

Unfortunately, as we are all aware, life is not that simple. If you’ve been putting off starting a clearance because you’re a hoarder, don’t wait until next year. Similarly, you could need to sell the property as soon as possible if a loved one has passed away and you have to pay for their mortgage.

In actuality, clearing out houses will be necessary throughout the year. Even if clearing a house during the summer heat isn’t ideal, it is possible. Preparation also makes it much simpler.

So, here are our tips on clearing a house in the summer

Stay hydrated

It takes physical effort to clean a house, especially in the summer when it’s hotter and you’re losing a lot more water through perspiration. Remember to bring as much water as you’ll need, and remind everyone to sip throughout the day. Bring reusable water bottles and fill them up in the sink whenever they get low if you want to do your part for the environment.

house clearance

Make sure you eat well

Clearances of houses are laborious and typically take a few days. It might be very tempting to finish a task before lunch, especially if you have a deadline to meet. If you can, try to stop for lunch. It’s a good idea to plan your meals and to pack a lunch the night before if possible.

Attempt to eat well as well. Although it may be tempting to grab a quick lunch at the chippy, eating a more wholesome lunch will provide you with the energy you need to go through the remainder of the day. If you truly don’t have time to stop for lunch, bring snacks throughout the day.

Wear cool, but safe clothes

Through the summer, it may be alluring to conduct a clearance with very little clothing. But always remember to be safe. Consider putting your safety first if you anticipate doing a lot of heavy lifting or if the property is full of dangers.

Get some fans

To help the air cool down, it is useful to scatter a few fans about the property. In front of the fan, people can take a brief break to cool off as well!

Enlist help

A couple more pairs of hands can help and relieve the burden on a single individual. There is less to do because you may divide the workload. It might also help you save time!

Hire a House Clearance Company

If you weren’t aware, there are businesses like ours that specialize in clearing out houses. We have extensive experience working with deceased estates, office clean-ups, hoarding, and other situations. We’ve dealt with just about anything.

If you’re thinking, “I use some help,” as you read this, give us a call at 0203 323 0017 or 07734 678923. We’ll chat with you and provide you with a free estimate. Looking forward to your response!

How to clean out your home while you have kids

An entire house clearance, or even just a portion of one, can be difficult. There is a lot of work to be done, usually with deadlines. Even if you’ve done one before, there are many things to consider before, during, and after a house clearance, which might make your mind a little foggy.

It can be a little bit trickier if you have little children running around. We’re discussing risks, diversion, delays, and a lot more. You merely need to be vigilant when conducting a house clearance when there are kids present.

house clearance

Here are our top 7 tips on conducting a house clearance with children.

Be organized

When you’re organized, as with most things in life, things go more smoothly know what you need and when you need it if you’re clearing the house by yourself or with others. Ensure that everyone is aware of the situation and what needs to be done.

Pre-plan everything

Dates, times, trips to the landfill, stops at charities, and car-boot sales. Your life will be simpler if you follow a routine. Especially if you have a deadline to meet make sure to engage your friends and relatives in the plan if they are lending a hand so that nobody becomes unavailable at the last minute.

If you’re employing a house clearance firm, make sure to request an estimate and reserve a spot as soon as you can for the day of your choice.

Get a babysitter

If you’re clearing out the house by yourself, you’ll probably spend a few weeks at the property sifting through stuff. To ensure that you can remain focused on the task at hand, this is a terrific idea if grandparents, friends, or a babysitter can assist.

Try to plan this for the primary clearance day if you can’t manage it every time you need to be at the property.

Create a safe playroom

If you are unable to get childcare for the child(ren), you might want to make organizing a space for them to play one of your first duties. Bring some toys so you can be sure they are occupied.

Remove all hazards

Many of the house clearances we do are fraught with risks for falls, trips, and slides. Not to mention heavy gear and sharp items. Try to make sure that these items are taken care of or removed before the child visits the property so that they can’t hurt themselves.

Organize a play date

If you are unable to get a babysitter, think about organizing a play date. They might invite a friend over to play in their playroom or they might go to a friend’s house. They’ll have someone to play with in any case, keeping them engaged.

Get some help

Contact Clear The Lot for a free estimate if it all sounds like too much work and you’d prefer someone to do the entire clearance for you. We have years of experience clearing all kinds of houses; from hoarders to estates of the deceased, we’ve seen it all.

We oversee the entire project from beginning to end, and you can be as involved as you like. We will divide up all of the possessions, recycle, donate, or upcycle them, and then go back to the place to clean them. All the while, you take care of your kids on your own.

Call us at 0203 323 0017 or 07734 678923 if you’re interested in talking and getting a quote for your property. We’ll be pleased to assist you.

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