There’s nothing more satisfying then taking on a garden project and creating a blank canvas. Taking a garden back to basics, ready for a new adventure and new ideas of landscape design. Its all too easy for a garden to lose its edge, become a bit untidy or just look neglected. Here in the UK, we get such a variety of weather that our decking, paving and other landscape materials get a varied exposure to hot and cold elements. Despite, regular maintenance sometimes its just best to clear out and start a fresh. That’s where we come in, with our team of highly skilled professionals who can clear your garden in no time at all. Don’t worry about access, we can work round this problem through many years experience. We always look to protect your property first. So if we’re coming through the house, floor protection goes down.  See below some before, during and after photos of a garden clearance, involving decking removal (If you can’t see pictures, click on the image above showing a collage of the project and the full online article will appear):

As you can see what a difference the team at have made, a blank canvas ready for a new garden layout and design.

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