garden clearance

You might notice as the summer draws to a close that your garden has become a disaster area. You could have done a little too much DIY with the shrub trimming and tree removal. Perhaps you underwent a major purge and dumped some of your old furniture on the lawn.

If it weren’t for all that trash, your garden would be incredibly lovely. Sadly, it might be difficult to get rid of the trash. You might have to make several journeys to the dump because some of it might not fit in the back of your car, even if it did. Most of your trash might not even have a convenient place to go, especially if you want it to be handled appropriately. We can help you with this. Clear The Lot can eliminate your garden waste and revitalize the exterior of your home.

Garden Waste of Any Kind

There are many different sizes and shapes of garden waste. We’ve seen just about every kind of trash that may wind up in your garden, so don’t worry. We can handle any kind of debris, from old garden furniture to downed trees. We won’t have any issue safely removing the elements from your landscape, no matter how hefty they are. You won’t need to hire a van to transport the rubbish away or cram unreasonable amounts of stuff into your car.

Is Your Garden In Disarray Because Of A Landscaper?

One of the most frequent issues we assist homeowners with is this one. In your garden, a lot of landscapers will prune trees and cut back plants, but they will leave the waste behind. We’re pleased to assist because we recognize how annoying this is. It can take a while to thoroughly clean up a garden after a significant landscaping endeavor. While we handle your waste and trash with our service, you can sit back and unwind.

garden clearance

Get Rid of the Dull Parts of DIY Gardening

Of course, you may be doing your gardening chores by yourself. If so you should probably concentrate on hobbies like flower gardening and other enjoyable activities if so, let clear The Lot handle the grubby labour. We’ll watch out for trash and waste buildup while you concentrate on making your landscape seem lovely.

Any time Of Year

Although we are aware that after summer improvements, garden debris can collect, we are always happy to assist you in cleaning up your house. Whether you require a garden clean-up in the winter, spring, summer, or fall, give us a call. We’ll be pleased to assist, and we’ll see to it that your garden isn’t used as a landfill for too much longer.

We will be happy to help you with all of your yard waste if you give us a call as soon as possible. To guarantee that your yard waste is collected when you need it, we are accommodating and can even work around your schedule.

Clearing your Garden Ready for winter

It’s time to start preparing your garden for the winter now that the days are becoming shorter and the air has a noticeable chill. Not only will organizing things now keep your garden tidy and in order, but it will also be helpful to you in the spring when you have a lot more yard work to perform.

Clearing Plants and Trees

Now that the majority of the autumn leaves have fallen, it’s a good time to begin pruning your garden plants and trees. This is a crucial component of garden cleanup because leaving dead leaves on your lawn will not be good for it. Hedge trimming, tree pruning, and the removal of dead plants and leaves should all be finished before the first frosts. When the ground is frozen, it is harder to work, and if you trim back your plants, trees, and hedges after winter begins, they will be more susceptible to the cold and more likely to suffer or perish.

Clearing Patios and Sheds

Cleaning up your patio and shed is another step in preparing your property for the winter. You might need to clean out your shed before storing the patio furniture, barbecues, and other goods because we all seem to gather more stuff over the summer. When it comes to getting rid of anything broken or unusable, try to be as harsh as you can. In the spring, you won’t have to struggle to find the lawnmower because there won’t be a pile of trash in your way!

garden clearance

Get Rid of Garden Waste

One of the main issues at this time of year is that the composting bin will quickly become full of fallen leaves, leaving no room for the trimmings from trees and hedging. Then, getting rid of everything becomes a challenging procedure when you realize you have broken patio furniture or an old barbecue to get rid of, not to mention garden toys your kids have outgrown.

It is possible to take your trash to the dump, but at this time of year, everyone is sprucing up their gardens, so you might have to wait in line on the weekends. It is also inconvenient to transport fallen leaves and damp, potentially mouldy plant waste in your automobile.

Our garden clearance service is a far more practical choice. We’ll move your trash directly. From your garden to our pickup vehicle, you won’t need to lift or carry anything. Any waste will be recycled, utilized again, or disposed of correctly, and your landscape will be left tidy.

We also try to make it as convenient and economical for you as we can. Six days a week, we offer a two-hour garden clearing service. If necessary, we also provide same-day and next-day services. Because our packages are dependent on the amount of trash you want us to collect, you won’t be overcharged. It has never been simpler to get your garden ready for the winter.

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