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Living with the less has become a trend to avoid stress in life. Its main consideration is to avoid excess stuff at home. Our company is supporting this trend in the best way by giving house clearance service for removing rubbish and clearing unwanted clutter from our homes. Therefore, it’s not surprising that garage and house clearance has become popular in the United Kingdom.

We are going to guide you about the average to house clearance cost. The cost of other services that will be discussed is garage clearance and property clearance.

The cost of house clearance and garage clearance told in this article is for guidance purposes. The original quote can vary from the cost discussed in the article. To find the house clearance cost of your local area, you can call professionals like us to get the exact quote.

house clearanceHow much does house clearance cost?

All house clearance companies have their way of charging customers and having different offers and prices for services. It means that costs of house clearance can vary from company to company. Some companies might charge you by volume of waste, some by weight of waste and some may agree upon a one-off flat cost

As per our experience, the house clearance cost will depend on the number of items or the amount of waste you want to get cleared. For a small clearance, the weight can be 250 kg which is equal to a quarter of the large Van, our company is offering very reasonable prices for the clearance, and you can get a quote according to your weight and requirements.

One thing to remember is there are always additional charges for disposing of the rubbish or recycling of the items.

How much does garage clearance cost?

Most of the time the cost of garage clearance is equal to house clearance. But there can be some companies that can charge you some extra money according to their policies and conditions.

house clearanceAdditional house and garage clearance costs per item:

The clearance of electronic items can make you charge an extra cost for clearance. For TVs and monitors, the extra cost will be charged from you according to the number of items. Also for Fridge freezers, extra costs will be charged as per their size, the cost for a small freezer can be lesser than the larger one.

To dispose of mattresses, you also have to pay extra money to get rid them. For small electrical items like toasters, irons, and kettles additional costs will also be charged.

Factors affecting the cost of house and garage clearance:

There are a few things you should keep in mind when you are going to Book Company for garage and house clearance. We are going to tell you a few factors that can affect the cost you are going to pay for clearance.

Those factors are as follow:

  • The number of items for clearance
  • Types of items like electronic or electrical etc.
  • Access to your site
  • Volume of items
  • Where you live because clearance prices vary across the UK

One golden tip to remember is that in most cases the very low cost per clearance is not true. Because they will charge for the hidden disposal of charges. Some unprofessional companies will fly-tip your items which you can be fined if found by authorities.

Instead of getting trapped by these unprofessional companies, it’s better to pay a fair price for your clearance and check for the proof of disposal of your items.

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