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If you are ready to start the process of your house clearance London you may be wondering where the best place to start is. Probability are you have a lot of belongings to work through before our Clear The Lot house clearance London team can remove any unwanted items and response them correctly.

Whether you are cleaning out with a view to touching house in London, you are in need of serious deciliter we give house office flat and garage clearance in London across Cambridge and surrounding areas. Prior to carrying out any of clearance our team will get to know you your supplies ensuring we supply the best possible service to suit your wants.

Make a list of the items you want to keep

You will of course have some items that you will want to remain everlastingly. These valuable useful and over-romantic belonging can be put to one side and maybe into storage to be reserved safe during the house clearance. This process can take a lot longer than you at first thought so make sure you give yourself abundance of time to sort through your belongings to make sure nothing is missing.

Think about the environment

It is imperative to ensure you choose a method of disposal that is thoughtful to the environment. Did you know that if you pass your waste onto an unlicensed misuse carrier that flies tips you could receive a huge fine. At house clearance London we are an environment agency registered waste transporter offering you great peace of mind that your house clearance London is being deal with in the most responsible manners.

Call house clearance London to receive the quote

Once you are at the part that you have organized your property ensuring that everything you want to keep is accounted for get in feel with our house clearance team to provide you with a clear fixed quote that guarantees no extra cost. You will get to know you are your unique circumstances either meet you at your home at the day of the house clearance and gather your keys from an estate agent as we know if you would prefer to be not present.

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