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At Clear The Lot aim to make your house clearance as hassle-free as possible

Some things may need you to clear out a house, grief. A move or a simple desire to declutter can lead you in clearing a household. In the most basic condition, house clearance is when a house is cleared of its insides. If you are a landlord, you may be placing items left behind by a renter. The very 1st thing. You will need to do is pick whether you will do the go-ahead yourself.

House Clearance | Office Clearance | Garage Conversions
At Clear, The Lot aim to make your house clearance as hassle-free as possible

Hire an expert company like clear the lot to do the job for you. As an overall rule, it is said that 2 people can clear 1 room in half a day. According to the BBC, the usual UK house has five rooms which would, using the upstairs rule. Take 2 people 2 and a half days to clear. To be on the safe side.

I would endorse adding on an extra half of a day. Even if you are preparing to use a house clearance Service. I would still put aside time to go over the house 1st to ensure. You eliminate any items you wish to keep. Clearing out a house using a house Clearance Company.

House-clearance-services: What is a house clearance Firm?

A house clearance company is a business that will empty parts. The whole of a household. The cost of this service will be contingent. The size of the property and how much stuff wants to be detached.
When looking for a house clearance business. It is best to review the house 1st and make a list of all.

Garden-Clearance: Before Contacting the House Clearance Company

Even if you have definite to use a house clearing company. It is a good idea to go over the house yourself and remove any kinds of stuff you want to keep or spring to family/friends. Be sure to check in drawers and storerooms. As that is where you are likely to find things hidden away there. It is best to do this before receiving any quotes from companies.  As the items you eliminate may affect the quote they give.

When the company reaches

Go through the house with the creature Boss. The house Clearance Company like clear the lot point out whatever that is to continue. Items which may need to be detached such as cookers. Also, point out any concealed nooks and crannies which may get wasted. If there are any items you can’t find and would like to keep. Ask the company to save an extra pair of eyes out for them while they effort.

Once you have left through all it is best to consent them to it. Ask to be phoned 30 minutes before. The company is due to varnish so you can be there and check. All have been removed and safeguard you get a waste transfer note this covers you legally for waste removal. This is also when you should get your report. Only after you are content should you pay.

Garage-Conversions: Clearing out a house yourself.

House Clearance | Office Clearance | Garage Conversions
At Clear The Lot aim to make your house clearance as hassle-free as possible

If you are going to be clearance a house yourself it is best to go in the set. Before initial gather up any provisions, you may need. This includes:

  • Packing materials tape boxes, marker pens, etc.
  • Food and water if you are clearing out a family member.
  • Friends or indefinite house you may need to supply your food for the period of the clearance.
  • Having more hands will make the job faster and easier.
  • Offering lunch may tempt people to help. Hiring a skip or arranging for a man and a van to clear away bosh.

Have a system to do the job

However, you plan on proceeding. It is a good idea to agree before you start. If you are preparing on moving room by room then decide. what order you are going to ensue? If you would prefer to get rid of the large items 1st make a list of what desires to go and where they will be going.

Throw, Keep, Sell, donate and Recycle

Now you are prepared to bar in it’s time to decide what you’re going to do with each article. If you are working unaided then you may be able to keep.  Track of clothes using a pile system a pile of things to keep, a pile of things to lob, etc. however, if you are employed with friends then you may need to use an unlike tactic. 1 useful system to accept. If you are working on a side is to use colored dots.

Rather than having your crew ask you about all or risk those throwing out something. You are required to keep it. Go through all quickly and ‘dot’ items using labels. For example, use green dots for belongings to keep, red dots for belongings to throw, and so on. It may also be a good idea. Pack paperwork into containers for you to sort out later.


House Clearance | Office Clearance | Garage Conversions
At Clear The Lot aim to make your house clearance as hassle-free as possible

Top tips:

  • Be thorough
  • Don’t keep things just for the sake of keeping them.
  • Don’t hold back
  • Empty every room, cupboard, and drawer.
House-Clearance: Get rid of the Waste

Once you have completed a day’s work get rid of the Waste. Move it all into the skip or make sure you’re a man and a van originate by and gather it all. you from having space to work in and all the unusable clutter is gone. Recall being careful when disposing of paperwork or personal leaflets.

This could be cruel using a shredder or a dedicated service. Also, if you dell out the house of a late relative is sure not to throw it away. It is vital in case it is needed later on. If you are unsure talk to the solicitor/executor before happening. If you come across anything thought hazardous.

This comprises things such as chemicals, tires, paint, batteries, etc. You must safeguard your disposal of them correctly.  If you are unsure of what to do interact with your local council. Recycling center to find out the fitting way to dispose of these items. If you want to read more about few step guide to house clearance click here.

House-clearance-near-me: What to do with all else?

The house clearance company ensures that is gone you should be left with gears.  you either want to keep or recycle or sell. The coolest thing to do. Here is move the things you are caring for giving to friends/family to their new homes.

House Clearance | Office Clearance | Garage Conversions
At Clear The Lot aim to make your house clearance as hassle-free as possible


Charities will always be grateful for aids and some charities will collect substances from your home. If you decide to donate to aid and you have large items such as gear, call or visit them and ask. If they will be willing to gather it. Some charities cannot take large or heavy substances in which case you can either approach. 2nd charity or dispose of the substances in another way.