Contact the house clearance solution specialists in London, for all your clearance requirements.

Call us on 0203 323 0017 for all clearance Solutions or email Alternatively fill in one of our enquiry forms found on the web site. 

Here at Clear The Lot, we carry out many clearance services in Wandsworth and across London.

We Cover the  whole of London inside the M25 Zone!

We remove items from:

Flats (Probate & Hoarder Services available)

Houses (Probate & Hoarder Services available)

Gardens (large and small)


Yards (Domestic and Commercial)

Plus other dwelling such as sheds, garages, basements and lofts.

See below sample pictures of previous works:

(if you can’t see pictures in this post, apart from the above image. Click on the picture / featured image of this page just above this text for full posting)

Sample photos below of previous garden works (creating a blank canvas):

You could have all the items removed and cleared in a matter of hours and no hassles as to where to store the skip, pay for extras such as permits, parking suspensions and fear of it being filled by others in your area.  Plus you save your time and effort in lifting, moving, dragging and loading. Leaving you to enjoy your free time, which is so very precious these days.

Call 0203 323 0017


Why not send us some pictures with your enquiry (including a contact number, postcode and details on access) and get the ball rolling to We are very used to works involving access to the garden through the property, so don’t worry, we are very experienced in these scenarios. Protective coverings will be laid down, to protect floors so you have peace of mind.

Once you email through your enquiry, we will look at the photos with your brief description, then contact you to discuss. Following this we can make arrangements to visit at your convenience, to get a better idea and firm up the estimate into a quote.

There is no hard sell and we’ll make you fully aware of what is included, so you have peace of mind.

See below, recent customer review on Trust Pilot:

AKASH: 5 STARS *****

see or check out the reviews under the info tab on the web site

Published 3rd July 2018.

“Fantastic Service!! Genuinely lovely people to deal with (Mark & Stuart). Extremely helpful, fairly priced, workmanship and speed second to none. Highly professional team who know exactly what they are doing!”

“Will be using them again in the future!”

Here at Clear The Lot, we are very experienced house and garden clearance specialists working across London and inside the M25 area.

We have many years experience in clearance works and can clear all types of garden, household, commercial waste and materials.

We cater for Probate and Compulsive Hoarder services also and have vast experience on dealing with theses sensitive times. These are dealt with respect and care, so see the dedicated pages for these services.

Check out the web site and menu options above ( for further services and more details.

You can think of us as an alternative skip hire which comes with the labour to collect the items, so no need to stock pile as we’ll do all the hard work! We can accommodate for any type of clearance, throughout any property, from inside to out!

Whether you have a small or large garden, that is in need of a tidy, or a property that needs full or part clearance don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss works required.  We can be contacted through phone, email, facebook (clear the lot London) or enquiry form (found on our website). If there is no form on this page at the bottom, click on the image at the top of this post and the full page will be displayed, along with an enquiry form.

Call 0203 323 0017


Facebook – Clear The Lot London

See what our customers say about us:

Gary Whitmore: 

“Have used this company several times over the last few years. December 2017 used them to clear the surplus furniture and other items from my house before moving. Did the job efficiently and with care always checking anything potentially sensitive found with me. Cost was reasonable too. Even checked in with me a few days later to see if I needed any more help with the move”.

Lydia Elwes: 

“Brilliant company, immediate response to initial enquiry, follow up telephone calls and text messages to let us know when they would arrive, nothing too much of a problem, did over and above what we asked them to do – polite, enormously helpful, turned up on time, smart and got the job done, couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Bob Wharton:

“Just to say that the team last Friday were absolutely exceptional.

I’ve done jobs that have required graft all my working life and this was up there with the worst of them but I can honestly say that I have never worked with a team that have worked harder and with such unflagging energy …they were inspirational and I would work with them again anytime.

Can’t speak highly enough, Thanks again to all involved.”

We supply services for commercial and domestic clients, from small to large projects. No job is too big or small.


So contact us today, via phone, email or fill in one of our enquiry forms. 0203 323 0017 /

Check out the home page of this web site above and also click on services, to see all the clearance solutions we provide.


We are not just a clearance company, we undertake landscape installations like fencing, so see if we could save you costs, by doing an all inclusive quote with one contractor.

Competitive prices with a professional service.

Contact us today for your free quote.

Tel : 0203 323 0017


Check out our web site for more information.

Or see our facebook page. Clear The Lot London

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