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No matter if you work out of an office or a warehouse, having a messy workstation often reduces productivity and the impression your business makes. Why struggle with a mess you don’t have time to clean up when expert cleaners are available to assist you? Keep reading to see how Clear The Lot may assist you as we host a wide variety of commercial clearance services!

What Do We Clear?

It’s difficult to clean out a house, business, or garden on your own. Getting rid of any trash or waste you don’t need any more is the first step. The disposal process comes next. You may then need to make several journeys to the neighborhood community recycling center or garbage dump, depending on how much “junk” you have gathered. You could hire experts as an alternative. At Clear The Lot, our knowledgeable team clears and collects almost everything. We can remove office supplies like carpet, plants, cables, printers, computers, and wiring as well as flailing cabinets and electrical equipment.

How Does Our Service Work?

We have adapted our strategy throughout the past 20 years of operation to better serve our clients who want clearance. Simply get in touch with our staff to schedule a free visit so we can provide you a personalized price. Hence, you are fully prepared. If you choose to proceed, we set up a time that works best for you. Then, with ten lorries ready to go, our professional team shows up at the location for a Surrey clearing. We provide courteous and prompt services that complete tasks quickly and to a high standard. Then, for disposal, we clean and collect all of your undesirable waste. Imagine all the extra room you’ll have!

house clearanceOur Licenses & Accreditations 

Licensing and accreditations are among the most crucial considerations to bear in mind if you intend to organize a clearance with specialists. If a company is hired without the necessary paperwork, you risk receiving hefty fines. If it can be proven that the company flew-tipped your rubbish, you might be subject to fines of up to £2,000 To ensure that a company is actually a professional, you should always check and request a copy of the company’s insurance, licenses, and accreditations. Our services at Clear The Lot are fully insured and registered by the Environmental Agency as certified waste carriers. We go the extra mile during every job we carry out, don’t just take our word for it. Read some of our reviews here.

Clear The Lot – Commercial Surrey Clearing 

Do you require a clearance for your office or commercial property? If so, our knowledgeable staff would be delighted to assist! We offer a wide range of services, and our professionals can assist you whether you need Surrey clearing at your commercial site or Surrey house removal. For further details, look at our list of services here or call us at 0203 323 0017.

Arranging a house clearance – what are my options

There are many paths you can take to accomplish this, whether you’re relocating or merely clearing out junk to make more room. This post will go into the finest techniques and approaches you can use to clear your space, whether you need one in Brighton or Surrey.

The First Step – What Size And Sort Of Clearance Do You Need?

Determine the size and type of clearance you intend to set up before you start the process. A single room can be cleared out by one person, but larger clearances, such clearing out an entire house, will take a lot more time and effort. You may require a house clearance in Brighton; experienced clearance firms can manage the removal and disposal of all of your unwanted stuff.

Hiring Professional Clearance Companies

The easiest method to clear the space quickly is to hire professionals to handle your removal requirements. The employees of the clearance firms have the training and expertise to complete the operation promptly and effectively. They will also handle the disposal, which will save you a tonne of time and work. The fact that you don’t have to do anything when hiring pros is its best feature. To get started, just let the crew know what you need and what should not be cleared.

Hiring A SKIP

Hiring an SKIP is another practical method for clearing your area. You must plan disposal once all the trash and junk have been gathered and removed from the area. With SKIPs, you may get rid of your trash without making multiple trips to the trash facility operated by your local government. Place your unwanted stuff in the SKIP, and then wait for collection. Although they can cost up to £250 per week, SKIPs are a wonderful alternative for major clearances that generate a lot of clutter and rubbish.

house clearanceAttempting the Job Yourself

Many homeowners attempt or consider clearing their homes themselves. While some manage to clean the entire area in a few days, others have difficulty. The task of clearing a property is not simple or quick. It will need planning, patience, and time to get the clearance. Use some of our advice if you decide to clear yourself. You will need to make plans for the removal and disposal of the objects once you have cleared the desired clutter and contents. As was briefly noted above, you can drop off your trash at local council recycling and disposal facilities. The contents of a cleared-out home won’t likely fit in your car, though. This typically involves making multiple round trips.

Clear The Lot – House Clearance in Brighton 

Arranging a clearance with a professional team would probably save you time, frustration, and possibly money if you are currently planning to clear your property. Clear The Lot knowledgeable staff has 10 lorries waiting to collect and get rid of your clearance needs. Contact us at 0203 323 0017 to learn more about us.