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For collecting all of your green garbage, most councils offer houses with garden waste bins. But it won’t take long for your container to fill up when it comes to those larger gardening projects. Before beginning those major gardening initiatives, it is essential to be aware of all your alternatives for disposing of garden trash.

There isn’t anything keeping you from putting green waste in a normal rubbish bin because it is biodegradable. The majority of authorities, however, prefer that we keep our garden garbage separate from the rest of our waste because recycling garden waste is so good for the environment. Making sure we dispose of it properly can make a significant difference because using it for composting can be a helpful tool for farmers and the environment.

What is Garden Waste?

It’s unclear what exactly qualifies as garden garbage. It’s anything organic and biodegradable. Councils like to keep it apart since it may be utilized as topsoil for farming and for composting. It is usually recommended to verify with your local regulations first because local authorities may have different views on what is acceptable.

What Can Go In Your Garden Waste?​

Knowing what can and cannot go into your garden waste is important to know. The most common items are:

Grass clippings and soil

Weeds and flowers

Twigs, branches, and bark

Vegetables and fruit

Bedding for vegetarian pets

These can all be recycled beautifully, and your local council will have no trouble getting rid of them. However, stay away from anything made of plastic and outdoor decorations like planters and statues. Keep in mind to check local regulations as well, as they may vary.

garden clearanceHow to Recycle Garden Waste?

Getting your yard waste recycled can be done in a variety of ways. Finding the closest recycling facility is arguably the most common and simplest option. They will be equipped with every tool needed to recycle garden debris.

Even some councils offer a collecting service for getting rid of green garbage. This may incur a modest pickup cost, but it is an excellent approach to ensure that your trash is disposed of appropriately.

Garden debris can be disposed of using skips, and the majority of skip businesses recycle the stuff they collect. At C & R Lewis, we can recycle up to 90% of the garbage that is gathered; however, you should first check with the business. 80 percent of our garbage is recycled on average per year.

Supplies Needed For Garden Waste Disposal

Whatever method you use to dispose of your garden trash, you will eventually need to transfer a sizable portion of it on your own. It can be a messy and difficult task to get it into your trash can or a provided skip. The appropriate equipment can make a significant difference. A few useful resources are:




Green waste bags

Pruning shears

With the use of such gadgets, you may greatly simplify the transfer of all that rubbish while also ensuring your safety. It will assist you to gather those heavy objects and save you time.

Helpful Tips On How to Get Rid Of Garden Waste Efficiently

Separate Your Garden Waste

Recycle or Reuse If Possible

Making your Compost

Have Patience

Using Your Recycling Bin

Using Your Local Tip

Order a Skip

Use Incinerators and Bonfires

gardenFinding Your Nearest Recycling Centre

The government website is the best resource for finding the closest recycling facility. Enter your postcode, and they will display the options in your neighborhood.

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