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The images of animals struggling in the face of overwhelming ocean pollution in the BBC’s 2017 nature documentary series Blue Planet II elicited a phenomenal public and political response, surprising even its seasoned narrator Sir David Attenborough and bringing the global experience of pollution into sharp focus. Fly-tipping is on the rise in the UK, with the sight of random waste piles in fields, and public and private land becoming more common. Climate scientists’ reports add to the sense of urgency that someone must act now.

But how does that affect me?

According to councils, all homeowners are responsible for ensuring that their garbage, including waste created from work done on their property, is properly disposed of. Remember that this covers waste collection firms, skip hire, and other similar services used by consumers and businesses. Be wary of ‘waste cowboys,’ who promise to dispose of your trash fast and cheaply but are doing it illegally, contributing to the problem of fly-tipping.

What are my rubbish removal options?

Sometimes the amount of trash you have surpasses or does not exceed the amount the council will accept at the curb. Then you have a few options to evaluate, each with its own set of considerations. Making many trips to the recycling center is the most cost-effective choice. While it is the most cost-effective option, it also needs more time and physical work than you may have, as well as cleaning the automobile.

While having a personal disposal unit on site is useful, especially for long-term projects or big volumes of soil/rubble, others may not see it as personal and will happily fill it without your consent. You’ll also need room on your property or a permit to have it on the road, and the prices may add up quickly – you pay for the size of the skip, not the amount you put in it, and you’ll be charged extra fees if you overfill it unintentionally.

house clearanceA professional man with a van outfit or rubbish removal company is a third option that can be quite handy when you are unable to dispose of your trash alone. You simply pay for what is taken; goods are removed from any location on your property, and they clean up after themselves. A plus is that the better garbage removal firms will donate and recycle as much as possible to decrease the quantity of waste that ends up in landfills.

Licensed waste removal businesses and individuals are an acceptable alternative to the two options above – while not as inexpensive as driving yourself to the tip, it is often less expensive than a skip and more flexible than a skip.

If you do decide that a man with a van rubbish collection service is right for you, be wary of ‘waste cowboys.’ They have no regard for the environment or you, polluting public and private land and potentially jeopardizing your financial and legal rights by subjecting you to fines and prosecution.

But don’t be concerned. It’s simple to be resourceful when it comes to trash removal. We’ve put up four strategies to help you avoid working for an unauthorized company or individual and putting yourself in danger.

How can I manage my rubbish removal responsibly?

  1. Verify that they are authorized to perform this service. Professional waste removal firms are required by law to have a Higher Tier Waste Carriers License from the Environment Agency. Any registered firm will provide their license number, which you can use to check their status on the register.
  2. Do they have insurance to perform this work? They should, of course, be insured in the unusual event that something goes wrong during collecting. If they have a team, a professional waste removal firm will have proper public liability insurance as well as employers’ liability insurance.
  3. Will a waste transfer note be sent to me? While not required for home waste, it is a legal necessity for waste disposal providers to provide them to businesses to demonstrate proper waste management. You can ask for one as a householder if you want, but be wary if they refuse or appear uncomfortable doing so.
  4. Look them up on the internet. Is there a webpage for them? Do you have any social media accounts? Reviews? Is it simple to reach them, i.e. do they provide more than an untraceable phone number and solely advertise on Gumtree or Facebook? Professional businesses are proud of their satisfied consumers and understand how important they are to new customers. Look for reviews on third-party sites like Google or Facebook, as these are more likely to be legitimate.

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Is there anything else I should watch out for?

If you receive a lower-than-average quote or are required to pay in cash, it’s a good idea to inquire about licensing, insurance, and disposal facilities. A lower price may imply that there is little margin for company fees, such as disposal costs, and cash transactions are difficult to track. A legitimate garbage or rubbish removal firm will be happy to give documents, discuss any of the problems raised above, and be open about where your trash will be disposed of.

While it may be tempting to save money by taking the easy way out, you risk adding to the pollution problem as well as putting yourself in financial and legal jeopardy. If you’re looking for someone to take care of your house clearance, trash removal or commercial garbage disposal needs, follow these tactics to ensure that you’re taking full responsibility for your trash and getting the best service available.