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We’ll look at how much house clearance can cost in the UK and how you can keep the costs down. When people inquire about a house clearance service, the first question they ask is, “How much will it cost me?”

Here are a few of the things that will influence the entire cost of any clearance.

You may be paid based on the volume of objects that need to be removed, whether by weight or square foot or by the actual quantity of items.

If it’s only common household things and trash that needs to be removed, you’ll be charged based on the amount. However, some goods will be charged extra because they contain dangerous materials that require specific disposal. This includes refrigerators and freezers.

House Clearance PricesAmount of difficulty Large, heavy, or difficult-to-maneuver items will be charged more.

If it’s difficult to park the van near the house that’s being cleared, or if the path to and from the job contains impediments, the job will take longer and cost more.

We are a professional house clearance company that is fully licensed and insured to remove all types of unwanted rubbish and would be delighted to provide you with a competitive quote.

Cost Cutting Tips

Given the aforementioned factors, it is feasible to reduce the cost of clearing a house, though this will primarily rely on your circumstances.

If at all possible, sift through anything of worth and sell it to help defray costs. These days, auction sites and social media make it easy to do so.

If you can’t sell anything, donate it to charity. Some charities may collect goods for free that they can resell, but whatever you can do to decrease the quantity of the trash that needs to be removed from your home will lower the overall cost.

Ascertain that all objects are easily accessible. Any obstructions that would slow down the job and can be removed before it begins will reduce the amount of time necessary and help to reduce the cost.

Handle the entire minor, easy-to-clear, and dispose-of stuff yourself, leaving just the items you can’t handle to the specialists.

A Word of Warning

Low-cost proposals for clearing a house should be avoided since they may be too good to be true. Getting rid of unneeded items must be done correctly, and there are legal regulations that might be costly to guarantee that all rubbish is properly disposed of.

You could be fined if you use a cowboy firm that avoids these charges by fly-tipping your trash and it is traced back to you. This may seem unjust, especially given your faith in these dishonest individuals, but because the garbage is yours, you must ensure that it is properly disposed of.

House Clearance PricesStrange Things Discovered in House Clearances

At some point throughout your life, you or someone you know will have been involved in a house clearance. They’re an unavoidable part of life, whether it’s emptying a house after a loved one passes away or cleaning a recent property acquisition of previous residents’ belongings so it can be fixed up and sold. They’re also a perplexing, filthy, and frequently undesired side consequence of life’s major events, which most of us would prefer to avoid.

That’s why many individuals hire house clearance specialists, who come in and remove all of the property’s furnishings, decorations, and, in some cases, even the carpets and draperies. Clear The Lot Removals has years of expertise cleaning houses for selling, destruction, or total refurbishment, and we’re specialists in determining the most efficient approach to get a flat, townhouse, or enormous mansion back to fundamentals.

However, house clearance pros will occasionally come to something completely unexpected (and, at times, horrifying). These are common in residences where renters have lived for a long time or when someone has owned the property for a long time. Fortunately, not every discovery is as revolting as you might expect; some are lovely, astounding, or even miraculous.

So here are the top ten oddest items ever discovered during a house clearance:

Louis Vuitton Handbags

Yes, someone had thrown away many hundred pounds worth of designer handbags with the rest of their trash presumably unknowingly. We can’t think of another reason why you’d discard perfectly nice items from such a reputable business.

Razor Blades

Razor blades are widespread, despite their odd appearance, especially in older homes. People used to buy new blades to fit their old razors before disposable razors became popular. They needed a safe place to dispose of the old, blunted blades, so slots were cut into the backs of medicine cabinets in bathrooms, where the blades could be dropped into a special box built into the wall hollow. They are now only discovered during big renovation projects.

House Clearance PricesA Shoebox Filled with Dozens of Mouse Skeletons

Finding a human skeleton is less terrifying, but it’s still a rude awakening for whoever house clearance business was assigned to this property. What else could account for such a bizarre collection of artifacts than past owners who were collectors?


Money is a rather common discovery, which may surprise you. It’s frequently found in homes where the previous owner died, often at a young age, and had a long-standing distrust of banks, and it can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand pounds. The real fascination resides in the places where money can turn up, however, it’s most typically in the restroom! The mattress technique appears to be an urban legend.

120-Year-Old Bible

This was discovered after the purchase of a home that still had many of the previous owner’s items inside. The Bible dated from the late 1800s and had been passed down through a family’s generations before being hidden and recovered in the mid-2000s.

CIA Documents

A collection of CIA ID badges and other documents were discovered in a home in the United States, which seems implausible. It most likely made for intriguing reading!

First Edition of Charles Dickens Novels

Dickens’ Victorian England stories of gutter lads and rags-to-riches serendipity are so well-known now that it’s hard to believe someone would toss them away. Nonetheless, the collection of novels was either thrown out by professionals who didn’t bother to check their value or passed on to a relative who didn’t appreciate their historical significance.

Four Life-Sized Taxidermies Tigers

Imagine climbing up to someone’s top-level and seeing four real, plush tigers staring back at you. That’s what one guy clearing out a house discovered however, it’s unclear whether the tigers were requested to be removed or left as a remembrance by the property owners.

House Clearance PricesThe Bones of Apostle St Clement

It’s always disturbing to unearth old bones during a house cleanup, but finding the bones of an early Christian saint takes the cake. These archaic bone parts, which date from around the 2nd century CE, were kept in a locket sealed with wax and imprinted with the name of St Clement, the third Pope.

A nude painting of Albert Einstein

A naked painting of the renowned physicist Albert Einstein has to be #1 on the list of strange and beautiful things discovered while emptying a house of its belongings. We’ll never know why anyone was content for a painting with such odd subject matter to be tossed together with more basic household goods.

So there you have it; your house is unlikely to include anything nearly as contentious as some of these, but before you hire someone to do a professional house clearance, double-check the contents to ensure you’re not unknowingly waving goodbye to an auctioneer’s gold trove.

When you’re sure everything in the house can go, however, it’s time to hire a company like JS Removals to handle the heavy lifting, irritating emptying of drawers and wardrobes, and all the other dirty, inconvenient duties that come with preparing a home for a new lease on life.

Our fair and reasonable charges ensure that the same sized task gets the same cost regardless of location. Simply take some photos of the rooms to be cleared and we’ll email you our quote. And who knows, perhaps something from your home will appear on this list in the future?

House Clearance Ten top tips

  1. Take anything you want to keep out of the property or the at least put it in a corner and name it does not remove. This will save the clearance business time deciding what should stay and what should go, and it will also minimize any confusion.
  2. This isn’t required, but it will save you time and money by emptying and bagging the kitchen cupboards or, at the absolute least, taking the things out and placing them on the kitchen side.
  3. Empty and bag up clothes again. This isn’t required, but it will save you time and money while also allowing you to double-check that you haven’t overlooked anything valuable.
  4. Get a charity to come around. This is good for a couple of reasons: you’re donating items, and the more they take for free, the less the house clearance company will charge, as most companies charge based on volume and time on site. However, don’t be disappointed if they only take a small amount of stock; charities are overburdened with stock and can be picky.
  5. Provide as much information as possible when calling to book your clearance, such as a list of heavy objects such as cookers and mattresses, any access concerns such as a narrow path, and so on. Details concerning basements or garages: the more specific the information, the more accurate the price.
  6. Understanding the requirements House clearances can be done for a variety of reasons, and the properties can be of any type, whether privately owned, housing association-owned, or council-owned. They all have different standards for when they want them back in, so if it’s privately owned and it’s going up for sale, does it need to be cleaned and made presentable? If it’s a municipal house, will the carpets be replaced? Will the lights be replaced with standard fittings? There are a lot of questions to ask, so start by asking them what standard you want the property to be given over.
  7. Appointment slots for your clearance This will be determined by the size of your clearance and will be advised by the firm, but I would recommend the first appointment in the morning because it is usually more reliable. After all, if they have jobs before you, they may run over and be late to yours.
  8. Allow the clearance firm to do their job once they arrive on site. Have a conversation with them and then leave them to it, especially if it’s a full clearance and you’ve taken your valuables. They’ll work faster, saving you money, and they’ll have your phone number if there are any difficulties.
  9. After the clearance has been completed, walk through the house with a member of the clearance team to make sure nothing has been overlooked. There are sneaky small cupboards and other items that might be overlooked or hidden away, so always check.
  10. Documentation: Make sure you have the relevant paperwork, which should contain a waste transfer note with the property address on the company name and address, as well as the Waste license number, which can be checked online at the environment agency website. Make sure you have a receipt, and if you’re being charged VAT, make sure the invoice has a VAT number on it. There’s no excuse these days for individuals not issuing paperwork, whether it’s right after the job or by email. Get the documentation to protect yourself.

When moving house in London

Moving is a massive undertaking that necessitates extensive planning and preparation. When you move house in London, you also have the option of having a house clearance London repair. While you’re packing everything into boxes in preparation for the move, get permission to undertake some junk and waste collection so you don’t bring unnecessary items with you to your new home. It can be tough to categorize a lifetime’s worth of property and goods, especially when deciding what to keep and what to discard.

Begin by making a pile of items you want to get rid of

One of these heaps should be in every room. Make a definite pile for goods you want to get rid of and a maybe pile for items you’re hesitant about. After a day or two, go back to the maybe pile and make firm decisions on what to delete. If in doubt, discard it! That is the basic norm to follow in this situation.

It’s now time to work on the drawers

A tangle of garbage is waiting to be discovered in desk drawers, bedside table drawers, and kitchen drawers. It’s much better to do a full drawer clearance before moving than to wait until you’ve settled in to deal with it. The easiest way to deal with drawers is to be severe with them. Any pens that aren’t working should be discarded. If you have an old stack of documents, shred them and discard them. Don’t bring your old home’s clutter with you.

Then it’s on to the closets and wardrobes

You have a lot of cupboards and wardrobes housing more items to organize from end to end, from the kitchen to the bedroom. This is your time to get rid of rusty cooking pots and pans, as well as ragged old bedcovers sheets that have been collecting dust in the back corner for years. These are the side effects you should avoid in your new house.

If you need garden clearance in London, a quick online search can yield a few options. Garden and house clearance companies in London, on the other hand, offer different rates depending on the service you need.

As a result, you must choose the right cleaning service to get the greatest deal while maintaining efficiency and safety.

Here are some recommendations for finding the most cost-effective garden clearance service in your area.

garden clearanceGarden Waste Removal and Clearing Costs and Scope

When deciding whether something is cheap or expensive, people’s impulse is to look at the base price. However, the scope of service included in that base charge is also crucial when it comes to yard waste collection and clearing services.

One way to ensure that your load estimate is accurate is to know what types of rubbish the provider can remove. Typical examples include tree branches, hedge trimmings, leaves, weeds, grass, trees, and other green waste found in your garden or yard.

The good news is that most rubbish removal companies will assess the amount of trash to be removed before recommending a plan that is right for you. It means you have all of the information you need to reserve their services, as well as a reasonable approximation of the entire cost.

With spring on the horizon, gardens all over London are ready to be spruced up and cleaned up, with the winter’s rubbish removed. Depending on the type of rubbish you want to remove from your yard, we’ll be able to recommend which of our garden clearance services is best for you.

Bricks, soil annoy, and rubble can be one of the most difficult waste sources to remove from your garden. The optimum spot for you to remove a wall, pull up a terrace, dig trenches, and remove the ground relies on the weight you need to remove.

garden clearanceBecause of the porous nature of bricks and earth rubble, it is not a suitable waste stream for our van and man services to remove. Skips or slip bags, on the other hand, are a much better solution because they provide secure storage.

When dealing with this form of garbage, however, there are some weight restrictions. Garden furniture including rattan tables, sheds, and chairs, as well as children’s swing sets, can be difficult to dispose of without the help of a removal firm like clear.