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Relocating might be intimidating. When the procedure first begins, there are so many factors to consider that you could feel entirely overwhelmed. However, there are ways to reduce this stress when packing up your old house, such as working with a professional. You can get assistance from Clear The Lot clearing throughout the procedure. We can relieve some of your burden as a dependable moving business serving West Sussex and other parts of Surrey. Read our evaluations here to discover how we have handled this for others.

We Can Help Reduce Stress 

Everyone should aim to avoid experiencing significant stress whenever it is possible because it is bad for everyone. Clear The Lot cares about the stability and wellness of its clients, thus we make an effort to make clearing out your home less stressful for you. We can help you with any problems you may be having with your Surrey clearance, anything from disposing of rubbish to handling furniture items. We can manage everything related to your relocation.

As our knowledgeable crew assists in any situation, our removal services will let you relax. With many years of expertise and all necessary permits, including a license for scrap metal merchants and an Environmental Agency Waste Removal license, we know how to handle things properly.

What Services Do We Offer?

Garden Clearance

Your garden is a significant component of your house but is frequently overlooked when relocating. We can easily and safely disassemble any garden furniture or buildings you may own, such as sheds or greenhouses. It is risky to attempt to disassemble a greenhouse or shed by yourself; numerous health and safety dangers could be harmful to you. Allow our experts to help you by taking over the duty from you rather than attempting to do it alone. For your convenience, we can also get rid of any extra components or materials.

house clearance

House Clearance

People changing houses frequently request house clearances. We can assist you with handling boxes, preventing breakages, and getting rid of any outdated furniture you no longer require. Additionally, we provide full liability insurance, a Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note, and other services to protect our customers. We can help lessen the physical and psychological harm that transporting big objects could bring about.

Attic Clearance

Clearing out the attic is a challenging aspect of moving. Over time, your attic will fill up with heavy, difficult-to-remove goods or items you aren’t always sure what to deal with. Attic cleaning entails numerous threats to one’s health and safety, thus it is frequently preferable to leave it to professionals. We have our tools and can provide pricing for any unused non-ferrous metals.

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Do you require a West Sussex moving business or a house clearance service? The Clear The Lot team can offer you the top-notch and effective service you require. With ten vehicles on standby, our qualified, experienced workforce can cover the South of England. There is no job too huge for us! Click here to visit our website or read some of our customer testimonials. Send a message using the contact form on this page, or give us a call at 0203 323 0017 if you’d rather. We eagerly await your feedback!

Clearing your home, what to dispose of – what to sell

Cleaning your house can be an intimidating task. With little to no assistance, the idea of packing up your entire house can be too much to manage. Save time by having professionals collect and dispose of the items as needed rather than attempting to handle this laborious process on your own.

Our knowledgeable team at Clear The Lot would be pleased to assist you with your clearance needs, whether you need a business to assist you with a house clearance in Hampshire or a garden clearance in Sussex. You might be our ten lorries’ next task with them on standby! View the services we provide right here.

house clearance

How to Approach a Clearance

Before performing a clearing, planning and organization should come first. Set aside time to properly clean each room as you begin your planning. Then you might begin sorting through your possessions and making decisions about what you’re keeping and selling. For simple identification, place these products in labeled boxes. These goods can be quickly categorized using the traffic light system: red indicates discard, orange indicates sell or donate, and green indicates keep.

Where to Sell Your Belongings 

With the help of applications and websites that let you advertise your goods to consumers across the nation, selling your possessions has never been simpler. The greatest locations to start are included in the list below;

Auction houses – Auction houses are ideal for valuable or unique items. An auction house can connect you with potential purchasers who may be looking for the thing you’re attempting to sell, whether it be antiques, works of art, or vintage furniture.

Sites for Online Auctions – Use online auction sites like eBay, Gumtree, and Shpock if you are having trouble locating a local auction house. These websites make it simple for you to advertise your goods from your home while receiving messages from potential customers.

Garage Sales – Attending car boot sales is one of the simplest methods to get rid of goods you no longer want. Someone will undoubtedly be interested as hundreds of individuals pass by your stand.

How to Dispose Of Your Belongings

Utilizing clearance firms is one of the simplest ways to get rid of goods that need to be disposed of. The company will be able to properly dispose of materials with no economic value if they are registered trash carriers with the environmental authorities. Clear The Lot has several permits that enable our knowledgeable staff to remove various kinds of waste. To protect you from paying high fly-tipping fines, we will give you a duty of care waste transfer note.

Hiring a SKIP is a further efficient means of removing your unwanted waste quickly. Even though they may be expensive up front, you will save time and money by not having to drive back and forth to the dump.

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The Clear The Lot team can give you the superior and effective service you need if you need a house cleanout in Hampshire, Sussex, or Surrey. With ten vehicles on standby, our qualified, experienced workforce can cover the South of England. There is no job too huge for us! Click here to visit our website or read some of our customer testimonials. Send a message using the contact form on this page, or give us a call at 0203 323 0017

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