overgrown garden clearance

A lovely, lush garden is a wonderful place to unwind or socialize with friends. However, if the greenery is allowed to grow unchecked, your little slice of paradise can quickly devolve into a wild jungle.

An overgrown garden, on the other hand, can be more than just an eyesore. It can also cause other issues, such as invasive weeds taking over or pests making a home in your backyard. You’ll need to know how to tame your property to keep it safe and presentable.

So, for those of you who:

  • Have purchased or rented a new home and discovered that the garden is a shambles;
  • Are looking to sell your home but have allowed the vegetation to grow wild;
  • Are dealing with pest issues as a result of your jungly green space?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Create a garden makeover plan.

The first step of overgrown garden clearance is to devise a strategy. It depends on the state of your greenery, but you can’t usually jump in without a battle plan. If you do, you will most likely become disoriented and give up.

overgrown garden clearanceBefore you start chopping down plants, consider the following:

  • How bad is the garden in terms of condition? Is the entire area overgrown, or is it just one section that’s causing you problems?
  • How long will it take to clear the overgrowth? Is it something you can finish over the weekend, or is it a lengthy project?
  • Do you need it done quickly (for example, if you’re selling a house)?

If the overgrown area is large, make a plan for which areas to tackle first. The process will be more manageable if the garden is divided into smaller sections and tackled one at a time.

If you find that you can’t handle the entire project on your own, or if you need it done quickly, hiring a gardening professional is the better option. They know what they’re doing and can get your garden cleaned up faster and more efficiently.

How to tame a rambunctious garden

So you’ve decided to do it yourself and clear your overgrown garden? Then put on your gardening boots and let’s get started. Let’s start with…

What you need:

  • Rubbish bin
  • Garden hoe or spade
  • Garden rake
  • Rototiller
  • Rocks or bricks
  • Clear plastic
  • Compost

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