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We offer some space-saving ideas for you if you’ve employed our house clearance services to free up space in your own home or one you plan to rent out.

The objective of a house clearance is to get rid of clutter, and you’ll want your clutter-free home to keep that serene sense of zen.

Here’s how to make areas work better for you and make your home appear larger overall.

Consider a Murphy bed or a pull-down bed.

These are very beneficial in studio apartments. Because beds take up a lot of space in a studio apartment, it makes sense to save space by utilizing a bed that lies flat against the wall during the day. Over the last few years, furniture design has advanced in leaps and bounds, and pull-down beds can now be just as comfy as normal mattresses.

Mount stuff on walls

Mounting as much as you can on the walls, from nightstands to small worktops, lighting, and even a console table, frees up a lot of floor space and makes a room feel larger.

Invest in plenty of kitchen storage

Because there is so much material on the work surfaces, a kitchen might easily appear cluttered. Stand-alone shelves, hooks, tension rods, pot racks, and other accessories can help you free up counter space so you can focus on the kitchen’s main task: preparing delicious meals.

Decorate with space in mind

When it comes to making a space appear larger or less congested, optical illusions come in handy. Bulky things, such as wall storage units, will blend in better if they are painted the same color as the backdrop wall. Similarly, translucent acrylic furniture, such as tables and chairs, will make your kitchen appear much larger than it is.

Use baskets in the bathroom and bedrooms

Toys, towels, toiletries, and other items can be stored in matching wicker baskets. Choose ones that are similar to the paint or wallpaper colors in the house to add to the illusion of space.

We hope you find these suggestions helpful. House cleaning may transform a room, and space storage ideas can help keep it clutter-free and quiet. Please send us a message or phone us on 0203 323 0017 for a no-obligation chat about our house clearance services, what we offer, and what occurs when we come in to carry out the service for you, from garden clearance  and house clearance in London.

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