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Many of us, I’m sure, fantasies of discovering something remarkable, historic, valuable, or sentimental in our attics after a house clearance. The attic is the typical mythical spot we all imagine in our heads, where something magnificent could have been concealed in a nook beneath the eaves of a centuries-old house for years.

We have certainly discovered many precious antiques at Manor Mansion Clearance, especially while clearing a house in any of London’s ancient boroughs. We have found much intriguing stuff in garages, sheds, cupboards, and sideboards, however. Whatever the case may be, the opening of any door can lead to some unexpected discoveries.

Many objects that were previously thought to be lost to the world have been unearthed throughout history.

house clearanceHere are some excellent examples:

Not strictly discovered in an attic, but after pulling down a wall, a new homeowner in the United States uncovered the Holy Grail of comic comics. Insulation was provided by the first issue of Action Comics. Even though it wasn’t in great shape, it sold for $175,000, making it more valuable than the house where it was discovered. A pristine condition copy of the same comic went for $2.16 million at auction.

The house clearance attic masterpiece

A Norwegian man spotted a painting that resembled Van Gogh’s style in 2013. For years, he assumed the attic find was a hoax. It was unmarked and had been hidden from view for nearly a century. The interested owners eventually contacted the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to acquire their expert opinion on the find. Because it was unsigned, it was initially thought to be a forgery. The picture, however, was determined to be an actual masterpiece following years of technical investigation and research.

The next discovery pleased the discoverer much. Following a heist, this was discovered in an attic in Milwaukee. The Stradivarius violin was taken from Frank Almond, a member of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. The criminals were tracked down, and the violin was discovered in a suitcase, estimated to be worth more than $5 million.

Without a question, clearinghouses in the UK today, as well as around the world, may lead to some incredible discoveries. We can only hope to unearth something as remarkable as these three discoveries at Manor House Clearance. It would make our house clearance clients very delighted as well!

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