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Summer is the time of year when the garden should be at its most beautiful, with vibrant blooms and foliage. Summer, on the other hand, is the prime season for weeds like nettles and brambles, as well as the season when the least amount of garden clearance is done. If you want your garden to appear its best all year, you should take out undesired plants and dead debris as often as possible.

Clearing wilted leaves

Many plants, including daffodils, carnations, and tulips, have a dying-off cycle around the start of summer. This is the time of year to remove any dead flower heads or foliage from these plants. Make sure the flowers’ blossoms have entirely faded away before cutting them back as low as possible. Brown leaves and blooms cause the bulb to be stressed, so remove as much as possible. After that, you may want to cover the bulbs with a layer of top soil or fertilized compost to guarantee that they are protected during the winter and ready to bloom again the following year.

Cleaning the garden

Even in the middle of summer, you, like other gardeners, will be weeding the flower beds. Weeds may quickly take over any flower garden if left to their own devices, so you must strike first and strike swiftly. Make certain that the weeds are eliminated before disposing of the plants. If you pull nettles by the root, for example, leaving them in another part of the garden may allow them to re-grow, requiring you to eliminate the same weed twice.

Clear The Lot does not provide gardening services, but we will gladly assist you with larger trees or the removal of unsightly garden waste.

garden clearance

Benefits of Clearance Company for London Building Sites

Hiring a clearance business to dispose of construction waste is an excellent addition to your waste management strategy on the job site. There are several considerations to make in order to comply with environmental rules regarding the disposal of building site debris in London, and a clearance firm can help you stay on the right side of the law.

Segregating Waste

Different types of building waste must be separated, according to best practice criteria for disposal. This is accomplished by using separate skips for wood, metal, and mixed debris. However, if you’re working on a building project in London, you’re unlikely to have enough room for many skips. Even if you do, applying for and managing multiple skips can be costly and time-consuming. A waste removal business can assist you in recovering recyclable materials from a mixed skip and ensuring that waste metals create revenue.

Preventing Dust and Debris

You may eliminate the need to keep huge amounts of rubbish and, as a result, limit the accumulation of dust and debris by utilizing a clearance firm on a regular basis. Building sites in London are obligated to take precautions to maintain air quality around them, and periodic pickups by a clearance business save you time so you can focus on other preventative measures like keeping vehicles clean and having hoses on hand when working on dust-raising activities. After eliminating debris, the waste removal company’s crew sweeps up, leaving you with clean, open surfaces to complete your job.

Reduce wasted labour

It’s not only about recycling and disposal when it comes to construction waste management. When it comes to being responsible for your own garbage disposal, you will need to figure in extra labour hours, transportation costs, and the purchase of the appropriate trucks to transport waste to various facilities.

When you hire a clearance business to remove construction site garbage, you relieve your staff of a variety of unnecessary responsibilities, reduce their risk of harm from handling poisonous materials and heavy debris, and ensure that you always have enough transportation for the rubbish you need to remove. Staff from the clearance firm is trained to do the job on schedule and in accordance with health and safety regulations governing the handling of dangerous materials and the lifting and transporting of heavy things.

Avoid heavy fines

A professional clearance business will be licensed to dispose of a variety of construction materials and will transport rubbish to properly authorized places for reuse, recycling, and destruction. You are legally responsible for ensuring that all waste is properly disposed of, and when you use a clearance company with a valid waste carriers registration certificate, you will not only receive the required waste transfer note for your compliance records, but also the assurance that you will not be fined for improper waste disposal.

Spring Garden Clearance Tips

With the arrival of spring, most gardeners will be busy getting their gardens back in shape. We’ve put together some garden clearance suggestions for London gardeners to assist you get your garden looking its best.

garden clearance

Garden clearance tasks for spring

Now is the time to clean away any lingering leaves, as well as any other yard debris that attracts snails, slugs, and woodlice. Getting rid of it might also help you avoid introducing disease and infection into your garden. You can also provide food and water for birds, which will assist to reduce the amount of slugs and insects in your yard.

Algae and moss should also be removed from patios and pathways. A dedicated patio and walkway cleaner, tar-oil winter wash, or a pressure washer is the best options.

Spring is also a wonderful time to clean up your shed or garage, as most of us tend to store excess clutter and garbage there over the winter. Choose a dry, ideally sunny day, and attempt to get out of there as much as possible. Before placing back the items you still wish to retain in the garage or shed, give the area a clean sweep and remove any old cobwebs and dead insects.

Sort through what you can donate to charity or give away on a site like Free-cycle with the other items, and then place the rest in a pile to be carried away. Instead of making a ludicrous amount of visits to the tip, you might find it easier to utilize a garden removal service like Clear The Lot’. A skip isn’t always essential, and it can also cost a lot more than a rubbish removal service.

When it comes to garden removal, Clear The Lot provides affordable, efficient, and expert services. Contact us right now to learn more about our London garden clearance cost.