house clearance

Physical labor is required while clearing a house, but what my team and I like is the buzz that comes from hauling away undesirable stuff and observing the “before and after effect.” The huge amount of space that is freed up and the clients’ relief when they see a property in its original empty shape never cease to amaze me. The ideal house clearance is work that, in my opinion, is incredibly fulfilling and necessitates a true team effort. We can clear anything, whether it is a simple one-day work or a significant commercial clearance.

Start of the day

The day frequently starts with me and my knowledgeable team showing up at a client’s home in our spacious, dependable van, which has plenty of room for both large and little goods. We always set up an appropriate time to talk about any concerns, such as individual requests to save precious objects, with the clients. Our prompt arrival and thorough clearing of everything that had been negotiated with the customer beforehand provide a tidy, effective, and professional removal.

On the day

For simple access to dispose of the household things on the day of the event, my team and I need to make sure there is a good parking place. The length of time will vary depending on the type of property, such as a high-rise apartment or a sizable estate. The customer can supply pictures of the property to help my team and I get a sense of its size, which will help us estimate how long the project will take and how big it will be. The average property clearance takes between three and four hours because my staff is very motivated and diligent.

house clearance

We will evaluate each room separately, taking into account what can be recycled, upcycled, and saved, as well as what will need to be disposed of safely, depending on the condition of the house. To make the most of what should get into the van first, I will go around and conduct a preliminary check.

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Large reusable furniture, including desks, bed frames, sofas, etc., would be placed in the van first, which helps to build a sturdy foundation for other items that can be preserved. Frequently, the waste that must be properly disposed of following legal requirements is postponed. Because my business is properly registered and with a current trash carriers license, we transfer undesired goods safely and securely.

Fitting it all in

We utilize a “chain system” to pack the van, with one person on the property, the second on the stairway, and the third person securing the things in the vehicle. Referring to my list, I decide what should be kept, recycled, or disposed of. Furniture and packing are best organized in this way to save time. For materials that will need to be lawfully disposed of, this process is repeated. This might fit in the van’s remaining space, depending on the size of the task.

My dedicated team and I spend the last few minutes of the day making sure the area is totally clean and up to our usual high standards. I let the client know when we are done and make sure they are satisfied with the service we have given, maintaining in touch in case they have any concerns or need any additional help.

How to arrange a House Clearance in Cornwall Post Pandemic

Many of us stayed at home throughout the pandemic and spent time organizing our homes, but we were unable to conduct a house clearance. What can you do with the outdated furniture, home goods, and garden décor that you opted to discard? We recycle, repurpose, and rehome materials whenever possible as a respectable, long-standing waste removal firm.

We had to alter the way we conducted clearances in homes and companies, just like every other firm operating during the pandemic. Customers were asked to provide images of the places that needed to be cleared, such as entire house clearances, shed clearances, and images of some very dim and crowded attics! While we still welcome images sent to our email address or through our website, we can also visit to do a clearance quote. For complete house clearances, this is extremely helpful.

We are ideally situated to clear houses and remove trash in Cornwall because we are located close to Redruth. To discuss your needs, call us at 0203 323 0017 today Check out our step-by-step procedure. You can also email us a link to the listing if the home is advertised as a vacation rental online or with an estate agency. If you don’t live nearby, we can pick up your keys from key owners, estate agents, or neighbors. Many clients like this service because it reduces waiting time if you can’t get to the home right away. We can also use a key safe if one is present to gain entry to the property.

I need a house clearance but feel anxious about Covid

We recognize that even after the Covid limitations have been lifted, some customers may still feel uneasy about having guests around. There can be weak family members who have been protected for a long time and are continuing to take great care. If this is the case, please get in touch with us so we can see how we can make the clearance process less stressful for you. We can enter the property alone or keep a distance while doing a clearing quote while you wait outside or in another room. When on your property, our team is pleased to use hand sanitizer and frequently washes their hands. Keeping spaces well-ventilated could let any fears go away.

house clearance

What services do we offer?

We cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is to hire a professional, registered rubbish disposal business. We strive to minimize landfills whenever feasible and are registered with the Environment Agency. This includes recycling anything we can and giving furniture and other household things to various charities in our community.

The do’s and don’ts within house clearances

If you try a house cleanout without any planning, the process can rapidly become quite stressful. It is best to approach the clearance in a planned method. Local house cleaning services take the task off your hands. The clearance can be accomplished quickly and effectively if you select the proper business.

The Do’s 

Choosing the items you want to keep – House clearances, as the name implies, typically entail removing all the trash or contents from your house. Gaining extra space and making your home cleaner are both possible by clearing out unnecessary clutter. It’s crucial to emphasize everything you want to keep if you intend to hire pros. Use Post-it notes to color-code personal goods and valuables that should not be handled.

Picking the appropriate moment for House clearances is a labor-intensive task, even if you hire experts. Your property’s size will determine how long it takes to clean up. You’ll reduce a lot of unnecessary tension if you choose a good day for things to happen. Planning the company’s arrival for the weekend when your children are racing around the home will only cause delays.

Selecting the appropriate business The Company is involved in one of the most crucial steps of the entire clearance procedure. The improper hires might result in a lot of issues and even fines. Verify that the company clearing out houses has a good reputation, the necessary permits, insurance, and accreditations. The majority of clearance businesses, including Greenleaf Clearance, give their clients a garbage transfer note.

house clearanceThe Don’ts

Avoid attempting to clean hazardous areas on your own. Serious injuries can result from attempting to retrieve your undesirable trash or objects from an attic. To manage a variety of items down a ladder to access the attic is likely to result in falling or heavy objects hitting you.

Avoid handling rot or mold without protective gear. Typically, during a clearance, mold and decomposing wastes are discovered. Getting a professional disposal company or the appropriate protection is necessary if you relocate a fridge and discover a significant buildup of bacteria. Serious infections and problems could result from using your bare hands. Use this tutorial to learn more about handling bacteria and mold.

Your Local House Clearance 

Clear The Lot, one of the top regional house cleaning businesses, can provide you with a variety of services. We offer anything from deep cleaning and house removals to garden rubbish collection and disposal. Our knowledgeable staff would be delighted to assist you and has 10 Lorries available. Call us at 0203 323 0017 or use this contact form to get in touch with us.