house clearance

When it comes to our work, the term house clearance might be misleading. Much of what we do is clean up the outside of a house’s garden areas. Indeed, many of us store a significant quantity of unwanted furniture, ornaments, and other objects, as well as fill our sheds and garages with tools, bikes, and just about anything and everything, making this a more difficult task.

Probate valuation of shed and garage contents

Many of the homes we demolished belonged to people who had recently passed away. Elderly people are less mobile by nature and are more prone to keep their surroundings clean. We frequently come upon long-lost family heirlooms and important objects that relatives may wish to keep. Some of the objects are so valuable that they end up in auction rooms, where they generate significant sums of money as part of the estate’s value. This is where our knowledge of item valuation comes into play. We are more than just a house clearance firm; we also perform a large number of probate valuations every week. These things are documented in the infantry and are ready to be auctioned at the next available time.

What do we find?

Old bicycles are one of the most frequent objects. Many people are unaware that only a few of the objects are precious. The value of a vintage racer with a collaboratively manufactured insignia can reach thousands of pounds. We come upon a typical barn find, the vintage or classic vehicle now and again. We haven’t yet discovered that elusive Bugatti, but we have discovered a few very remarkable and unique vintage.

house clearanceRare vinyl records, many collectibles, old and rare toys, paintings, precious ornaments, furniture, and even some extremely rare collector coins could be among the other goods. We have discovered some very wonderful objects throughout the decades of clearing residences, some rare, a few highly precious, and others that have true personal significance to people left to mourn the loss of a loved one.

Our London probate valuation work is a crucial service for our clients. I’m curious as to what happened to our belief that our service isn’t the recipient of a family member delivering the words. Our item recording occasionally resembles a copy of ‘War and Peace.’ However, it is critical that all products are meticulously recorded and sent to the appropriate locations.

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