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Do you need to declutter your home? Cleaning and decluttering the house is one of the most difficult duties. If you need a property completely cleaned up, though, don’t go to the trouble of cleaning it yourself. Allow a house clearance firm to take care of everything for you.

It can be difficult to determine whether or not you require the services of a house clearance firm. The thought of going too far with a firm to clear your house for you may have crossed your mind, which is holding you back. There’s no need to spend hours, days, or weeks poring over it. Here are some indicators that you should hire a house clearance company:

  • Home renovation
  • Preparing the home for sale
  • Moving to a new home
  • More space requirements
  • House clearing for a family member

It’s time to move on to the next step after determining that you truly require the services of a house clearance company.

There are numerous house clearance firms to choose from, which might be confusing. Don’t go with the first company you find online. Because you have specific requirements, you must select a company that can meet them all.

Check out the websites of the house clearance firms you’re interested in, their social media profiles, and, most importantly, what their customers have to say when doing your research online. On the internet, you can readily locate testimonials, which you may use to pick the best firm for you.

house clearanceMake a list of at least three companies that you believe are a good fit for your needs. Make an appointment with them, whether it’s over the phone or in person. Make a list of critical questions so you can cover everything at once. The following are some questions to ask a house clearance company:

How long have you been in the industry?

Consider how long the clearance company has been in business, as this will reveal a lot about their knowledge. Working with a company with years of expertise is preferable because it is more likely to be reputable.

What are the tools you use for the job?

Collecting and storing items isn’t the only part of house clearance. It’s also about cleaning the area as quickly and securely as feasible. Specialized trucks, containers, and other tools and equipment are required by a professional house clearance firm.

Do you have a license?

A legitimate waste haulers license is required of every respectable house clearance firm. Their business must also be registered with the Environmental Agency.

What are your payment methods?

For your convenience, choose a provider that accepts a variety of payment ways. Cheques, cash, and BACS transfers are commonly accepted by house cleaning businesses.

house clearanceHow long is the clearance process? 

A typical house clearance by specialists will take anywhere from a few hours to half a day. Engage the services of a house clearance business that can do the work promptly.

You’re now ready to hire a house clearance business to help you with your property. All you have to do now is follow these guidelines and ask these questions.

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Our Guide: 3 Tips for a More Efficient House Clearance

The process of emptying your house may be stressful, whether you’re attempting to clean up the clutter that has accumulated over the years or prepping your property for sale. Because it includes dealing with a lot of debris and garbage, house clearance can be a bit untidy and difficult. There’s no simple way to pack up and get rid of the mess, especially if the cleanout involves downsizing or simplifying the home.

Here are three pointers to remember if you want your house clearance to go more smoothly:

Formulate a plan ahead of time

Planning is an important part of ensuring a seamless house clearance procedure, as it allows you to determine where to begin and how to proceed. Check and estimate how long it will take you to sift through your entire home, room by room.

Allow at least 12 hours for each room for cleaning, assuming two people are doing the job. Although it may appear to be a time-consuming activity, taking the time to read over each item thoroughly ensures a stress-free experience.

Separate the items you want to keep from the ones you don’t

After you’ve decided on the amount of time and timetable you’ll need for the house clearance, you’ll need to figure out which objects you want to keep and which you’ll donate or sell. To categorize these goods, utilize the traffic light system: green for “bin/rubbish,” red for “keep,” and orange for “donate/sell.”

Make a careful inspection of each room, labeling everything you see. Make sure that the red label is only applied to goods that you intend to keep and use. After you’ve labeled everything, put the items that are the same color in one corner.

Make preparations for the clearance

Those with red labels can be set aside, and if you’re not moving, you can engage a moving company to assist you.

Below are three categories of items that you should consider:


Selling can not only help you clear your house, but it can also help you earn money. For precious objects such as antiques, jewelry, or artwork, contact reputed auction houses or antique buyers. Clothes, furniture, books, and tableware, for example, can be sold on eBay, Gumtree, or Etsy for a lower price. You can work with local charity groups and social enterprises to raise funds. Check with them to see what goods you can give, as upholstered furniture requires a certificate of fire safety.

house clearanceGet rid of

A skip bin service is a terrific way to get rid of items quickly and easily. They can collect a variety of waste items, including home waste (cardboard, broken toys, books, and magazines), green waste (old pot plants, grass clippings, and dead plants), and old electrical units (fridges, computers, TVs, and speakers), as well as old furniture (lounges, sofas, tables, and beds). They may also assist you with the proper sorting process to ensure the most positive environmental impact possible.

Dangerous wastes

Items that are considered hazardous must be appropriately disposed of. Wet paint, carpet, oils, mattresses, liquid concrete, hazardous chemicals, and tires are examples of objects that cannot be removed using a skip container. It’s also not a good idea to throw them in the recycle bin or the trash because they could be hazardous, flammable, or explosive. Check with your local government to see what policies they have in place for disposing of dangerous garbage.

Hire a professional house clearance company in London

House clearing is a complicated process that requires the assistance of a skilled house clearance firm. One of the most significant benefits of hiring one is that you will receive unique and thorough solutions to your problems.

Handling sensitive and fragile things, as well as odd-sized furnishings and dangerous products, is part of the house clearance process. It necessitates meticulous planning, which is why having a fully insured, dependable, and responsible organization complete this operation is best.

If you require house clearance services in London, please contact us to see how we can assist you.