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Clear The Lot is a company that prides itself in services related to household waste clearance, House Clearance in London rubbish removal, builders’ waste collection, and also services about cleanliness maintenance in your business. They offer one of the best effective services in London, United Kingdom.

The following are some of the reasons you should consider Clear The Lot services. 


Any reliable London house clearance company should be able to provide valid authorization paperwork. Clear The Lot is a garbage management and disposal firm that is certified and licensed. The people that work there is also well-trained as a result, all collected waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Customer service

From the person who answers your call for assistance to the personnel who will come to your house for a house clearance exercise, Clear The Lot provides the best customer care. Growth is inevitable for a company that provides excellent customer service. Clear The Lot has demonstrated this by its rapid expansion to service a large number of people in London. They are also trustworthy, and there may be occasions when you require Clear The Lot services but are unable to do so since you are not physically present. This should not be a problem because they can capture images and videos to ensure you are paying for exactly what was supplied.


Clear The Lot is so adaptable that same-day services are available. This is a vital consideration because emergencies can happen at any time and you can’t afford to wait. Consider the shutters on your shower door at night. This is a life-threatening scenario that must be managed immediately by professionals. Simply call Junk Bunk’s hotline, and a house clearance service will be dispatched to you as soon as feasible.

Recycling and disposal

Looking for a place to dispose of unwanted stuff after renovating your home or relocating to London? Clear The Lot will take care of it. They have excellent garbage disposal and recycling practices in place. They donate outdated furniture to charitable organizations such as hospitals and children’s centers or resell it for a lesser price. If the waste is plastic or another type, it is delivered to the appropriate disposal facility and separated accordingly. Following sorting, garbage is disposed of away using proper means.

Well equipped

Clear The Lot is well-equipped with all of the tools needed for successful house removal. Electronics, a large aquarium, or even cars in your garage that won’t start are all sensitive household goods that require special care. Clear The Lot features sophisticated packaging facilities to keep your belongings safe, as well as machines to lift what has to be lifted properly.


Clear The Lot is a corporation whose services have been thoroughly explored and accomplished. This indicates that they have prior experience in the field and will not conduct a trial-and-error experiment on their consumers. All of its workers are well-trained and knowledgeable about the many services they provide.


Home clearance firms are not required by law to have insurance. A diligent corporation, on the other hand, will wish to be insured in case of an accident. As a client, you can rest assured that any damages to your assets will be paid, and that is exactly what Clear The Lot in London does.


Clear The Lot charges reasonable rates depending on the services you require. In the event of a house clearance, you must specify where you are moving, the type of waste to be disposed of, and whether or not you will require their transportation services to your new location. Clear The Lot creates a custom package for each of its clients. Then you decide which option is best for you.


Clear The Lot is available in a variety of locations in London, United Kingdom. East London, North London, West London, Essex, Kent, and Surrey are all covered. This indicates that Clear The Lot is a well-known brand, and that, as a result of their excellent service, they have been able to grow and serve more clients. The website for Clear The Lot is incredibly user-friendly. This implies that their services are conveniently available, as well as their response times to inquiries.

Variety of services

Clear The Lot takes pride in the wide range of services they provide, and as their slogan implies, “YOUR JUNK IS OUR CARE,” they have a lot to offer in terms of disposal and house clearance. Clear The Lot provides the following services.

House Clearance

Office Clearance

Furniture Disposal

Rubbish Removal

Shed Clearance

Garage Conversions

Garden Waste Removal

Builders Waste Disposal

White Goods Disposal

Some of these services can be long-term or shared between multiple clients. For instance full-service property clearance and garbage removal if you live in an apartment, cleaning the outside of your home may not be your favorite duty. All apartment owners, on the other hand, can hire Clear The Lot to clean for you on your preferred timetable and split the payment.

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