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We are offering the best House Clearance in London and Surrey. If You need any kind of House clearance, garage, basement, whole house or office clearance, please fill in the following form. House clearance doesn’t need to be stressful. If they’re managed carefully. Whether you’re clearing the home of a deceased relative or preparing a property for sale or lease, provides the service you require.

Clear The Lot  is a professional house clearance company that offers a range of services to help you clear out your property. Their team of experts can handle everything from removing large items of furniture to disposing of hazardous waste, ensuring that your property is cleared out safely and efficiently. With a commitment to recycling and environmental responsibility, they aim to minimize waste and maximize reuse wherever possible

Our polite and articulate staff will respectfully clear and responsibly dispose of all household effects. Our staff are made up of experienced professionals, who will give you a clean and tidy finish. Clear The Lot team ensures our customers receive first-class service and are fully satisfied. So Clear The Lot provides clean, efficient house clearance services at a Competitive price.

Our team will talk through the job with you and if we can offset any cost by purchasing saleable goods, the Clear The Lot team will discuss this with you.  There are a minimum of two men on each clearance, so you don’t need to self-load!


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House Clearance

What is house clearance?

House clearance can involve sorting through items and determining which ones to keep, donate, sell, or dispose of. The process may include heavy lifting and handling of large furniture and appliances, as well as potentially hazardous waste. Hiring a professional house clearance service can be an efficient way to handle this process, as they have the necessary experience, tools, and equipment to complete the job safely and efficiently.

If you hire Clear The Lot to clear your property, our uniformed staff will arrive at your home ready to load their removal van with whatever you need to get rid of. After we’ve collected your belongings, we’ll clean up before departing, leaving your property in the same condition as when we arrived, albeit much less cluttered.

Local House Clearance Team

Local house clearance team is to help individuals and families efficiently and safely clear out their homes or properties of unwanted items, debris, and clutter. Local house clearance teams are often composed of trained and experienced professionals who have the necessary tools, equipment, and knowledge to handle the entire clearance process, from sorting and organizing items to disposing of waste and recycling materials.

Clear the Lot covers all of London, so our local house clearance experts can easily reach you anywhere in the city. Our house clearance teams are almost in every area to make it easy for you so get help from our team.

So You can give us a call or email us to ask about our House Clearance Services in London:

  • Domestic Clearance Service
  • Full Property Clearance Services
  • Flat Clearance Service
  • Small Home Clearance
  • Furniture Removal and Disposal
  • Residential Waste Clearance
  • House Clearance
  • House & Flats
  • Basement, Loft,
  • Shed and Garage Clearouts, Furniture

House Clearance

House clearance
  • White Goods
  • Clothes
  • Fire Safe Soft Furnishings

House Clearance

House clearance
  • Books
  • TV’s & Electrical Goods
  • and Much More……
House Clearance Services - London

House Clearance by Professionals

Clear The Lot can help you with any form of house clearance in London, UK, whether you’re moving into a new home, getting rid of old furniture, or simply cleaning up. Clear The Lot is a fast, flexible, and dependable service that covers all of London.

Local House Clearance Company in London

We specialize in house clearance services in London. Our team has the necessary training and experience to deliver a comprehensive variety of clearance and probate services. Clear The Lot prides itself on offering high-quality House Clearance with outstanding customer service. That is why we are full Checkatrade members. Clear The Lot is recommended, vetted, and monitored by Checkatrade, and our consumers have given us 9.9 out of 10 ratings. If you need a house clearance in London, go no further than Clear The Lot.

Clear The Lot is the company to call for a House Clearance in London. Clear The Lot can assist you whether you require a comprehensive clearance service or just a few items removed. We’ve completed numerous house clearances in London, and independent evaluations from former clients can be found on Checkatrade. It’s not an issue whether you need the Loft & Cellar Clearances, basement, garden, or garage emptied at the same time. Don’t hesitate to contact our experts today to learn more about our local house clearance services in London. are a Surrey-based company in Cobham specialising in many property services inside and out of the home. We operate across London, Surrey and within the M25 zone.

house clearance
house clearance
house clearance
house clearance

Book Cheap Clearance Services in the UK

House Clearance Cost can be expensive, sometimes prohibitively so. Well that was what we were told a little too frequently when there was a good deal of content. We kept being asked if would pay the owners rather than the other way around. It is sadly a fact that generally, we can’t do that. It is simple economics. The additional costs of separating certain items and delivering them to various places in the hope of making a small profit are almost always much higher than what could possibly earn from the sales. So, we have a standard answer: “Very Sorry, but NO.”

House Clearance with NO Complications

Your project seems too difficult and complicated. You don’t know where to start with the property clearance in London? Our experts are competent to handle all sorts of jobs in London, Greater London and Surrey. But They can break down large items or enter places with a difficult entrance like a piece of cake.

Houses, Flats, offices we can clear anything for you. Just contact us and leave the rest to us. Clear the Lot is here for the best clearance price you will find!

Last but not least we are cost-effective. No doubt, it depends on the number of items removed, whether it is full clearance or just domestic rubbish removal in London, as well as the difficulty of the job. Feel free to contact us now for a personalized quote.

The moment you think you need our services, so contact us and we will be there to remove all the rubbish in your property professionally. It is not your duty to clear your house accurately, this is our job!

Garden Clearance

Our Garden Clearance team worked hard and did both House and Garden Clearance for this lovely old couple. We were so pleased when they both laughed out loud as we handed them our cheques. We felt even better when we heard that they had sold the property for much more than they first expected and faster too. The team really enjoyed that final day.

We would very much like to enjoy more days like that. So, if you have valuables but still want them cleared, there may well be a way of having your cake and eating it. Clear the Lot team will always do our best.

House Clearance Price in 2022

We can then give you a fixed-priced property clearance quotation. This includes our staff for as long as the clearance job takes…with no additional hourly rates!

house clearance
house clearance
house clearance
house clearance

Benefits of using us

  • Licensed & fully insured contractor.
  • Friendly Service, no hard sell.
  • Same-day service is often available on clearance.
  • Single items to full van loads can be cleared.
  • We do all the loading and clearing.
  • We deal with the sorting of items for recycling

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you clear any type of property?

YES! As a professional house clearance company,  we aim to clear any type of property, including houses, apartments, bungalows, mansions, and commercial properties such as offices and retail spaces. We have the necessary experience, tools, and equipment to handle items of all shapes and sizes, including furniture, appliances, electronics, and other household items.

How does house clearance work?

As a professional house clearance company, the general process of house clearance typically involves the following steps:

  1. Initial consultation: This involves discussing the scope of the clearance with the client, including the type of property, the items to be cleared, and any specific requirements.
  2. Assessment: We assess the property to determine the amount and type of items to be cleared, and identify any hazardous materials that require special handling.
  3. Sorting and organizing: We sort and organize the items to be cleared, separating items for donation, recycling, or disposal.
  4. Disposal: We dispose of the items using environmentally responsible methods, such as donating items to local charities or recycling materials where possible. Hazardous waste is disposed of in accordance with relevant regulations.
  5. Cleaning: We provide a thorough cleaning of the property, leaving it clean and tidy.
  6. Feedback: We ask for feedback from the client to ensure that they are satisfied with the service provided.

The specific details of the house clearance process may vary depending on the company and the specific needs of the client, but this general process provides an idea of how the house clearance process typically works.

What do house clearance firms do?

A house Clearance firm’s type of service involves removing items not needed from one area or the entire home. House clearance is a service people use to clear out too many things to get rid of on their own or when they need to rid a particular area or space of clutter, such as sheds, garages or attics, flats, or office clearance.

Do you work outside regular office hours?

We do everything to get the job done

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes! We are fully insured and Licensed

How do we pay you?

We currently accept cheques, bank transfer and cash only

House Clearance - Clear The Lot