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When it comes to waste disposal, you have a variety of simple, practical options to choose from. Unfortunately, construction-related materials are a little more challenging to discard due to their size, weight, and overall difficulty to be transported.

Before attempting to dispose of this difficult-to-handle debris yourself, our useful guide can offer you some guidance on how to get rid of heavy rubbish and rubble that you no longer need.

Repurpose your waste

Before deciding to dispose of this type of trash, look around your home to see if there is anything you can use the excess materials for.

Maybe you have some extra bricks that you could use to build a simple barbecue area. You might include extra debris in a rockery feature if you have some.

Reusing these materials indicates sustainability, which is advantageous to the environment and has a wide range of potential applications.

rubbish removalRecycle your waste

If you’ve recently had work done on your house and are left with a pile of useless objects sitting around your property, it makes sense to want the materials removed as soon as possible.

You might choose to take care of things on your own, either by using your car or renting a van. It can be a good idea to first make sure your local recycling centre accepts the items you want to dump. There is typically a monthly maximum for deposits per household at recycling facilities.

Even if it’s a possibility, larger quantities of trash, ceramics, and concrete can cost up to £100 at local landfills and recycling centres. Many people consider this a needless extra expense when disposing of these things themselves.

It would be simpler to hire a waste collection company to dispose of your rubbish. Companies like Clear The Lot make it easy via their website or handy app. Simply ask for a quote, choose a pickup time, and let them do the rest.

Skips and grab lorries

If you find yourself with a lot of heavy waste, it could be a good idea to use something with a bit more capacity. The best approach to get rid of building waste is to rent a skip.

They come in a range of sizes depending on your load, saving you time and money. Just pack it full of your extra items, and the skip rental company will dispose of them for you.

If you require the rental of a skip but lack the required space, a grab lorry can be an appropriate option. They have a range of tonnage capacities and are the most cheap choice for bigger activities, like eliminating a section of a building.

These vehicles have hydraulic arms and buckets that lift your additional debris into their trailer. Most grab truck suppliers also offer a service to dispose of your trash, saving you time and space.

Fly-tipping heavy waste and rubble

When you’re driving down a quiet country road, a mound of bricks, rubbish, or even abandoned home items could arise out of nowhere. The degradation of the countryside is brought on by fly-tipping, which is also forbidden.

Fly-tipping happens a lot because of practical considerations. To avoid paying fees or exerting the effort required to properly dispose of the objects, the owner may not have a convenient or inexpensive choice to do so, so they choose to leave them elsewhere, typically in a remote place or on private land.

Over the past ten years, there has been a noticeable increase in fly-tipping charges; these offences not only result in high fines but frequently harm animals and its habitats due to the heavy or dangerous material that is tossed.

If fly-tipping has occurred on your property, your local council can help by reporting the incident and carrying out an investigation. Fly-tipping rubbish collection is a less complicated option to up to £50,000 in fines or a 12-month prison sentence and is provided by waste removal businesses like Clear The Lot.

garden clearance

A handy solution for heavy waste and rubble collection in London

No matter how much, how inconveniently, or both, heavy garbage might be difficult to get rid of. Most people prefer having a tidy, clutter-free house, even though it can always be used again.

If you’re thinking of disposing of these goods yourself, always call your local facilities first to be sure they take them and there aren’t any hidden fees. If you are unable to manage it yourself, your local trash collection agency is there to help.

Thanks to our dependable waste removal service at Clear The Lot, you can effortlessly get rid of superfluous objects that could easily turn into an eyesore.

When you make a reservation online or using our simple app, we will collect and dispose of your waste, schedule your pickup, and monitor your driver.

If you require a helpful, thorough trash collection in the London region, get in touch with Clear The Lot for more details.

How to plan your garden clearance

Making the most of our outside space has grown more tempting in recent years.

However, doing so might need you to let go of any extra gardening tools you’ve been holding on to or perhaps allow it to grow a little bit more than you’d want.

The amount of work involved in clearing your garden will depend on how much area you have. But with a little planning and preparation, you can quickly turn your outdoor area into a beautiful spot to relax.

Here are our top tips for planning your garden clearance

Make sure to set aside some time.

Sorting through your outdoor furniture and deciding what to keep, what to discard, and what to do with the items you discard will take some time.

Working for only a few minutes every evening after work will not allow you to complete it successfully.

You’ll probably need at least a few days, even for a modest garden.

Schedule your garden clearing over the weekend or ask for a few days off from work to commit to and concentrate on the job.

What do you plan to keep or remove?

Make a plan before you start, whether you’re just tidying up your garden or thinking about doing a complete purge of worn-out plants and furniture.

You’ll be able to work swiftly and remain organised if you do this.

Additionally, it can help you decide what size skip you need and whether you need a man and a van service or a skip to take your yard debris.

garden clearanceArrange your recycling collection or skip

Depending on how much yard waste you have, you could need a skip rather than a van service.

Planning your collection should also take into account the chance that not all of your green garden waste will fit in your council bin.

If you don’t have a lot of yard waste, you might be able to get by with your council recycling bin and a trip to the local landfill.

If you only have a few large items, like garden furniture, or a few small bags of rubbish, a garden clearance service might be the best option.

If you’re undertaking a thorough cleanup and have a mixture of heavy items and yard detritus, a skip will be your best option.

For a skip hire, you must choose the right size for your requirements (we typically advise buying a skip larger than you think you’ll need since it’s more affordable), and if you’ll be placing the skip on a public highway, you must also make sure you have a permit arranged.

Arrange your garden clearance with Clear The Lot

Get in touch with Clear The Lot if you want to clear your Garden so you can prepare it for the spring and summer.

We can pick up your yard garbage and other household waste on the same day and deliver your skip the following day.