garden clearance

Gardens can collect a variety of garbage. If you spend a lot of time in your garden, you’re probably producing a lot of organic waste from mowing, trimming, and pruning. If you’ve recently completed a landscaping job, such as constructing a pond or laying a patio, you’ll likely have undesired soil, unused building materials and outdated patio slabs. You may even devote a weekend to cleaning out your shed or removing plants and shrubs to make room for a new project.

Finding a business to take care of this waste for you could save you a lot of time and effort. All of the manual labor can be handled by a professional company. In Birmingham, we collect and dispose of all forms of garden trash.

Clear The Lot specializes in the removal of various types of debris, including garden waste. We can assist you regardless of the size of your garden or the amount of trash you have.

Our Birmingham garden waste removal service

All types of customers might benefit from our garden clearance services in Birmingham. You can count on us to get the job done whether you need to clear domestic clutter from an untidy and overgrown garden or organic garbage from a vast open landscape.

Our experienced staff can examine your requirements and determine a price that is appropriate for your job. We’ll then come in and safely and promptly remove the waste. We may be able to provide same-day service in some circumstances.

Being environmentally conscious is one of our main focuses. We go above and above to recycle and repurpose garbage. We are the firm to use if you need garden clearance in Birmingham and don’t want your rubbish to end up in a landfill.

We’ll handle the job with the utmost care so that no unwanted damage is caused to your garden.

Types of waste we can clear

Grass and plant cuttings


Unwanted shed clutter

Old BBQs/lawnmowers

Old fence panels

And more…

Why hire Clear The Lot?

There are several reasons to choose us when it comes to garden clearance in Birmingham. Here are a few more compelling reasons to go with Clear The Lot.

Quick and efficient

We’ll assist you in clearing your garden as rapidly as possible. We may be able to provide same-day service in some circumstances. This eliminates the need for you to wait for your garden to be cleared. When it comes to bookings, we can be flexible and are accessible six days a week.

garden clearanceFully licensed

Our business is properly licensed and insured. We are trained and allowed to handle most forms of waste, so you can trust us to do the job well. In the unusual event that something goes wrong, we are also protected against all disasters.

We recycle/reuse anything possible

We manage to recycle 75% of the waste that we gather at Clear The Lot. Garden waste is frequently recyclable, and we will investigate all of the available choices. You can rest confident that your waste will be disposed of in the most ecologically responsible manner possible if you choose us.

Transparent pricing policy

There are no hidden costs with our garden clearance service. We provide straightforward pricing so you know precisely how much you’re paying. Our pricing is determined by each task, and we’ll offer you a quote in advance; if nothing changes, that’s the price you’ll pay larger clearance jobs will, of course, cost more.

Friendly and reliable

Do you require a dependable company? We take pleasure in being dependable, and we strive to meet all of our clients’ needs. We also make an effort to establish a good relationship with clients. It’s critical that you feel at ease bringing us into your garden and that you have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

How to Create a Stylish and Beautiful Garden

Are you putting your first garden together? Or do you want to transform your patio into a chic and inviting outdoor space? You’d better be prepared. Although constructing the perfect garden design isn’t rocket science, following a few guidelines might help the process run more easily.

Garden Design: A Step-by-Step Guide

Decide the Garden’s Purpose

What do you have planned for your garden time? Do you want to grow your food or create a fantastic play space for your kids? The first and most important step in determining the overall design of your outdoor space is to determine its function. There are three basic motivations to construct a garden space, according to landscape architect Eckbo: to grow food, to provide living space, or to be aesthetically appealing. Make an educated choice about yours.

garden clearanceMake a Space Plan

You’ll need to set limits and decide how to split the space once you’ve decided your purpose. How much of your entire backyard do you want to dedicate to a lovely area with fashionable and comfortable garden furniture? Do you want to have a barbecue? An outdoor wood castle will delight your youngsters. The most important guideline to remember here is to wait until your garden is large enough to incorporate all of the features you want. Think about the walking spaces and make sure the paths are wide.

Investigate your Property

You won’t be able to design a good garden if you don’t know what you already have. Take your time to examine your surroundings and the plants that are currently present. Examine what’s working and what’s not. Examine the dirt to see where the sun shines the brightest. These insights are necessary for the design to progress.

Keep track of your Progress

Your garden plants may appear random at first glance. This is to be expected, given their inexperience. However, you must exercise patience and allow for improvement. So either plans a complete landscape right away and relocates the plants once they’ve grown large enough, or choose plants that grow quickly. In any way, maintain track of your belongings and avoid overcrowding your room.

Don’t be afraid to ask for Assistance

Don’t be afraid to seek help if you’ve already planned your garden design but are unsure about it, if you’re having difficulties putting your ideas into action, or if you can’t answer some of the questions we’ve already asked. Professional gardeners can assist you at every level of the garden clearance procedure, ensuring a magnificent result.

Tips for adding a stylish touch to your Garden

Knowing how to plan a garden is important, but maximizing your outside area and transforming it into a beautiful and trendy environment is a skill. Here are some suggestions on what you should concentrate on.

Choose simple Colors

Your garden’s color scheme is equally as important as your home’s color scheme. Consider a space that features red brick walls, yellow tiles, and purple plants. The garden will be bright, but it will not be stylish. So give it some consideration. Because they are neutral and match the grass’s fresh green hue, white, beige, or limestone tiles and pavement are always a great choice. If any products, walls, or other surfaces are not the correct color, paint them as soon as feasible. The colors of the plants and furniture should then be considered, as well as how they integrate into the overall picture.

Create Contrasts

The attractive and modern garden is neat but vibrant. You’ll need to find the right contrasts to accomplish so. Plants with stiff geometric forms are alternated with plants with more loosely and freely growing forms to guarantee that you not only enjoy the garden’s beauty but also feel at peace in it. Color contrasts should also be taken into account. White and green are timeless colors, but they need to be accepted and coordinated with the rest of the space.

Natural materials should be used

Whether it’s a large garden table with benches, a playground for the kids, or a vegetable garden fence, all of the furniture you choose for your garden space should be made of natural materials. Plastic is both harmful to the environment and unattractive. Wood, bamboo, and other natural materials provide warmth to the space and improve the overall appearance.

Mix herbs and flowers together

Do you want to get the most out of your landscape while saving space? Rather than building separate flower and herb gardens, combine the two for the best of both worlds. Enjoy the brilliant colors and aromas of blooming plants and delicacies. Pick up some fresh green herbs whenever you feel like it for your culinary experiments.

In any modern garden, herbs are both useful and lovely. You can get free food components as well as beautiful arrangements by putting these sorts of greens in your yard. Because of their structure, colors, and scents, parsley, lemon thyme, chives, mint, and violets are good choices for mixed gardens.

garden clearanceIncreasing the value of your property

Whether you plan to sell your house in a few months or ten years, a fence is an excellent investment. Installing one on your property can help you receive a higher return on your investment or sell it faster by increasing its value. However, installing a suitable fence to increase the value of your home is required. It’s vital to consider the wants and desires of potential buyers when constructing a fence to increase the value of your home.

Property owners that wish to strengthen their security often opt for fencing. Unfortunately, there is no way to keep visitors out of your yard without a border. Because there is no fencing in your front or backyard, anyone can easily get access to your home. Even if it does not deter criminals, fencing is a great first line of defense. Steel is one of the best fence materials for increasing home security and protecting your property from out-of-control vehicles.

Child safety

Most parents like seeing their children play in the backyard. The notion of them running into the street and being hurt is, nevertheless, terrifying. You may be concerned about strangers approaching them. As a result, many parents create fences to protect their children. You won’t have to worry about your children leaving the property if you have a high fence. A fence is a fantastic way to keep children off the road. It can also deter strangers from entering your property. Once you’ve installed a fence, your children will be able to play safely in your yard.


Being observed is something that no one appreciates. Unfortunately, most homeowners cannot hide from their nosy neighbors. If you don’t have a fence installed, your neighbors can see into your yard and watch you do yard work or hold family get-togethers. If they have a clear view, they may be able to see directly into your windows. Installing the right style offense will keep inquisitive eyes away from your home. A high fence can be used to give privacy. Great fences can provide your family with a high amount of seclusion while also keeping pedestrians and neighbors out of your business.

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