garden clearance London

Make your garden great with garden maintenance clear the lot

If you are a busy home owner, our standard garden clearance London service is exactly what you require. We will help you an ever fascinating garden. Whether you have one too many branches rank in the way of light or you want to get your gorgeous lawn back into shape we know how to do the job fast right and to the highest values that we strive for.

Clear the lot garden maintenance London services include:

Trimming hedges: Pruning thick branches and scrubs to keep your hedges in tip top shape. Let us know if you require your hedges shapes or cut downhill in height and we will be happy to help out.

Using a jet washer: Fences, slabs, decking, patios, roads, and garden furniture can all be cleaned of dirt, moss, and grime.
Grass mowing: we can offer regular grass wounding for your lawn. We provide all the tackle and equipment wanted to provide a professional service time and time again.

Tree trimming: Pruning small and huge trees to allow more light into your garden for your other plants or for you to enjoy the sun.

Weed: We can deracinate horseradish trail poppy and other weeds in your garden to keep it looking nice. All weeds we take away are by hand or by special gear. We also offer kernel killer request if this is a improved solution for your needs. This slows prospect growth of weeds on your terrace or driveway.

Clearance of leafs: Removing autumn’s leaf carpets to maintain your lawn to keep it neat and good health. We’ll rake or blow the leaves to collect them in one spot, then collect them in bags and remove them from your garden. Clear the lot’s garden removal service in London is quite beneficial to the public.