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House cleaning services may be required for a variety of reasons. While emptying your house remains the ultimate goal, each sort of house removal differs somewhat. From single large objects like old mattresses to entire mansions, our services provide a hassle-free and cost-effective option for homeowners, landlords, lettings, and estate agents.

Today, we’ll go over the different forms of house clearance in Birmingham and why hiring a professional to do them is a good idea.

Types of Waste Collection for Birmingham Properties


When decluttering, this is an obvious place to start, and many homes require clearance services. It’s an easy method to get rid of a lot of stuff from your house at once by hiring a professional to collect your trash and dispose of it safely and ethically. As a result, the clearing process is much faster, allowing you to resume your normal routine as soon as feasible. With spring swiftly approaching, we anticipate that many Birmingham homeowners will be seeking a service like this to help them get their homes in order after a long winter.

Moving to a New House

When it comes to transferring homes, you’ll require house clearance services to get your old place ready for the new owners or tenants. Often, the sales contract stipulates that you must vacate your home with nothing in it. The majority of your belongings have been transported to your new home, but you will still have a lot of junk. If you live in the Birmingham region, hiring specialists to help with rubbish removal is the most stress-free method to move to a new home.

Furthermore, most Birmingham landlords require you to remove all of your possessions after your lease expires. Again, you’re likely to have several items that have outlived their usefulness. All of these products are handled by professional clearance agencies, so you don’t have to.

Probate Clearance

When someone passes away and leaves property behind as an asset, probable clearance is frequently required. The home of a deceased individual can be cleared of all contents, and the items distributed according to their Will. It could include giving some items to relatives or donating others to charities. In other circumstances, goods will need to be disposed of or recycled, all of which may be handled by specialists, allowing you to concentrate on the more important aspects of your life during this trying time.

house clearance in BirminghamLandlord House Clearance

Birmingham is increasingly becoming a magnet for property investors and landlords. According to a Buy Association poll, the city is paving the way for future development. As a result, numerous landlords in and around the city rent apartments to students. Because Birmingham is home to several universities, many students are looking for someplace to reside during the academic year. As a landlord, this also implies that you rotate renters every twelve months. As a result, the time between old residents departing and new tenants moving in is likely to be brief.

You must deal with any trash left behind by the former occupants during this time. You can withhold their deposit, but you can’t make them come and get rid of their undesired items. Instead, you can hire a professional property clearance firm to handle everything for you. As a result, you may rapidly get things ready for your new tenants, reducing the amount of time your home is vacant.

To summarize, there are numerous types of house clearance solutions available. Examine all of the items listed above to see whether any of them apply to your scenario. If you live in Birmingham and own or rent a property, contact Clear The Lot right now. You may learn more about what we do on our House Clearance service page, which also includes information on how to request an estimate or book a service online.