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Looking for London house clearance businesses can be rather simple. Finding a business that will provide you with the best service, however, can be more difficult. searching and contacting the ideal company can be challenging because there are many that service Hampshire. We’ll go over a few of the crucial factors below that you should think about before selecting a company to handle the cleaning work.

A range of services is offered by Clear The Lot. Perhaps you’re searching for London house clearance firms. Or do you need Surrey office clearance? We cover a broad range of topics. View a few of our reviews right here.

Recycle Centre Access

Any company that clears houses must have access to a disposal site to dispose of the materials they collect. Although possessing a waste management permit is great, in the present day it is unlikely to provide them access. To avoid the possibility of receiving fines for you to pay, businesses also require a Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note. A copy for the business and one for you should both exist. Never should you have to request one from a clearance business. The letter shields you against potential liability and fines of up to £2,000 if a business improperly disposes of rubbish. Therefore, you should start questioning their service if one is not offered.

Quotes and Time

London house cleanout businesses frequently have varying staffing levels, vehicle fleets, and quote processes. In contrast to company B, which may charge for quotations but complete the clearance work more quickly due to having more vehicles on standby, company A may not charge for quotes but take a little longer to complete the clearing work. These variations should be taken into account while choosing the best business, as the most expensive option may not always provide the finest service.

house clearance
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The Clear The Lot team can assist in giving you the superior and effective service you need whether you’re looking for house clearance firms in Hampshire, Surrey, or Sussex. With 10 vehicles on standby, our knowledgeable and experienced team can cover the South of England. Fill out a contact form or phone us at 0203 323 0017 to speak with a member of our staff. We eagerly await your communication!

Our residential clearance services this spring

The arrival of spring will soon cause the temperature to rise as well. Growing your fruits and veggies for eating and enjoyment or having some fun with the kids in the warmer weather can be enjoyable. Nevertheless, if you don’t give it some tender loving care, your garden will rapidly become overgrown and wild. When this occurs, the simple act of cutting the grass can seem overwhelming. Over the year, patios and decking in gardens can become dingy, dirty, and overgrown, necessitating cleaning. However, why should you go it alone?

Garden Furniture

Outdoor furniture can be found in most gardens. Unfortunately, over time, these items corrode, disintegrate, and rot, diminishing the aesthetic appeal of the garden and posing a danger. Why not get in touch with us at Clear The Lot instead of letting them sit at the bottom of the garden? We remove a wide range of objects linked to garden furniture, including climbing frames, paddling pools, and even damaged old fencing. We provide you with the best garden garbage collection Surrey service because we recognize the value of your landscape.

Overgrown Garden

Many homeowners make the simple error of neglecting their gardens over the winter. In addition to being unsightly, an overgrown garden is much more difficult to clean up as the weather becomes warmer. Planning to completely clean up the garden by yourself can seem like a difficult chore, let alone having to deal with the organic garbage afterwards. Leave the laborious task to the experts; we can clean up any gardens while handling and getting rid of any garbage produced. View our services for overgrown garden Clearance here.

Patios and Decking

The majority of gardens include a patio or deck, but not everyone has the time or expertise to properly maintain them. Homeowners detest the arduous and time-consuming chore of cleaning patio tiles or decking. With our cleaning services, we can assist in cleaning your patio and decking in addition to helping to dispose of garden debris in Surrey. Our skilled team takes pride in every task, cleaning up any mess or waste left over from the cleaning.

house clearance
House Clearance | House Clearance near me

Sheds and Greenhouses

An ancient greenhouse or shed that is mostly used for storage is a common sight in gardens. If a shed is only gathering dust and cobwebs, what good is it? A great option to expand the area in your garden is to remove your shed or greenhouse. With our professional dismantling services, our knowledgeable staff can carefully disassemble the shed, removing any wood or glass for disposal. We make an effort to assist our clients while keeping the environment in mind.

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Garden waste collection in Surrey is no problem for our knowledgeable staff at Clear The Lot. We have ten lorries ready to go, so a team of experts can quickly clear the garden for you. Contact our staff by using this form or by calling 0203 323 0017. We eagerly await your communication!

The benefits of removal companies as opposed to clearing yourself

Before beginning a project, homeowners frequently ask themselves if they should hire professionals or do it themselves. If you intend to handle the clearance task yourself, bear that in mind first before setting up the disposal. Unlike firms that efficiently and effectively clear your space while also taking care of the trash.

The variety of removal services done by Clear The Lot includes clearing out entire homes, gardens, offices, and more. With 10 lorries on standby, our knowledgeable team can cover a wide range of southern England locations. View a few of our prior clients’ testimonials here.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Removal Company 

Disposal Coverage 

Moving a lot of furniture and stuff can take a lot of time, whether you’re moving or you just need to make some more room. The second problem, and possibly the most challenging one, is what to do with everything after they have left the room. You might need to visit many locations while paying an entrance fee because council waste disposal sites only accept specific things. Because of this, hiring professionals help you save time and hassle while planning your disposal strategy. Your unwanted items can be loaded onto our vehicles by Clear The Lot, and we can dispose of each item in the most environmentally responsible manner imaginable. To avoid any fly-tipping penalties or tussles, we also give our clients a duty of care garbage transfer letter.

Time and Efficiency 

Finding the time to do your clearance work can be challenging, and making numerous trips back and forth to the landfill afterwards can be very time-consuming, with the prospect of having to wait in a line of other cars each time. Because most professional clearance/removal firms have multiple licenses to assure your rubbish will be disposed of properly, investing in a business will save you numerous hours of work.

house clearance
House Clearance | House Clearance near me
Reducing Stress 

Everyone should aim to avoid experiencing significant stress whenever it is possible because it is bad for everyone. Greenleaf cares about the stability and wellness of its clients, thus we make an effort to make clearing out your home less stressful for you. From moving furniture to disposing of rubbish, we can manage all of your needs. As our knowledgeable crew assists in any situation, our removal services will let you relax. With many years of expertise and all necessary licenses, including a scrap metal seller’s license and an Environmental Agency waste removal license, we know how to handle things properly.

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Are you looking for moving firms in East Sussex or house clearance in West Sussex? The Greenleaf team can offer you the top-notch and effective service you require. With ten vehicles on standby, our qualified, experienced workforce can cover the South of England. There is no job too huge for us! Click here to visit our website or read some of our customer testimonials. You can fill out a contact form or phone us at 0203 323 0017 to speak with a member of our staff. We eagerly await your feedback!