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Homes may quickly fill up with unneeded objects and clutter, making it harder for you to move around. Finding the time to organize your home might be challenging because everyone is busy. After sorting the objects you no longer want, you must arrange for their disposal. Cleaning is simply one step in the process. It may be quite time-consuming and even costly to make numerous excursions back and forth to the dump from a Surrey clearing. You may save a tonne of time by hiring a professional clearance business, who will also handle disposal!

How Large Is The Clearance?

You will be aware of what you want removed or disposed of as the homeowner. Perhaps you have a room where everything you don’t use or need is stored, or perhaps you have several rooms filled with clutter that could use a good cleaning. Organizing and purging your room on your own could take several hours or even days. The task that could have taken you all weekend could be completed in a matter of hours since clearance businesses have the necessary staff, expertise, and disposal techniques.

Insurance and Licensing

Checking licenses and insurance is a crucial consideration to do when looking for a reliable clearance firm. The businesses should be registered with the Environmental Agency as authorized garbage carriers, and they should have insurance that covers all of their services and offers complete liability. The duty of care and waste transfer notes are two more vital considerations. To avoid paying any fines if you choose to proceed with the company, you can request the transfer note. Without the letter, you may be liable for up to £2,000 in damages if the waste provider improperly dumps your garbage.

Which Areas Do You Need Clearing?

It’s crucial to inquire even though the majority of clearance providers can collect and discard objects from various locations in your home. Maybe you should clean up the junk in your attic or garage? The most efficient businesses come to your home to speak with you, find out what exactly needs to be removed, and provide you a free price before showing up to carry out the real clearance. This is an excellent approach to estimate expenses before any work starts, and it gives you the customer confidence in the business. To prevent future issues, we will give you a general idea of how long the clearers will be in your property.

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Are you looking for a reputable business to clear your house?

You could find Clear The Lot to be the ideal business. Whether you require an attic clearance in Hampshire or Surrey let our professionals handle the laborious task on your behalf. We hold all the licenses listed above in addition to others, and we will visit your site at no cost to prepare a quote and go through any requirements you may have. Contact our knowledgeable staff right here.

How to perform a house clearance

Making a home cleaner and more organized requires performing a house clearance. Before beginning any activity, no matter how small, it is imperative to know how to execute it correctly and effectively. If you’re looking for a house clearance West Sussex service or considering doing it yourself, it’s a good idea to keep reading our top suggestions.

Clearing You or Hiring Professionals?

The first stage in any house clearance should be to determine whether you can complete the process on your own or if professional assistance is required. While most people can complete the task on their own, it can be time-consuming and difficult, and you might not have the finest vehicle for the job. Additionally, not everyone will be aware of the proper locations for particular things or the facilities that will accept the objects or materials you wish to discard. Employing a seasoned clearing firm, such as our crew at Clear The Lot, can help you save time by ensuring that everything gets where it needs to go with full coverage and liability insurance.


Another critical component of any clearance is organization, which can make the process go more smoothly overall. Due to the fact that they must be delivered to specified locations, items like mattresses will cost extra to relocate. Having the correct vehicle is crucial if you plan to conduct the clearance yourself to save time travelling to and from the dump. A van is a great option for this, and experts are available to handle all of your disposal needs.

house clearance

Health and Safety

It is essential to ensure nobody is wounded when carrying out the clearance on the predetermined day. Any set of steps could be made safer by using many persons by preventing someone from falling or dropping something, such a bulky box or piece of furniture. Everyone wants to avoid getting hurt. You are less likely to fall from a ladder and suffer injuries if you use one that is secure and has someone holding it for you. To avoid inhaling hazardous microorganisms, masks can be useful in any older homes or properties that contain food waste or mould.

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How a professional clearance companies could save you money

If you intend to clean your house or workplace, hiring a professional clearance firm is a wise alternative to doing the job yourself. Our offices and homes can very easily fill up with junk and clutter that is no longer needed or valuable. Unavoidably, the clutter will eventually begin to take up the space you need.

Saving Time

It can take a lot of time to try to plan and manage the task alone. Larger goods like furniture may need to be removed by several individuals or by larger vehicles. Professional clearing firms have the expertise, personnel, and appropriate vehicles to transfer the debris needed to effectively and efficiently remove a house or workplace.

Saving Money

Although it might be initially difficult to imagine, clearing companies typically save you money. You might have to pay to rid of the goods at the dump for bigger projects with a variety of clutter, or you might have to make several trips back and forth while driving the unwanted stuff in your car. When you pay for a clearance service, you should think of it more as an investment because the firm will save you the time and money you would have spent gathering, transporting, recycling, and storing the debris. The risk of keeping unclean trash or waste that can draw bugs and rats is also present.

house clearanceSaving the Planet

Another crucial consideration to bear in mind when clearing out is recycling. Prior to disposal, all garbage that you gather needs to be separated by material. Imagine removing everything and categorizing the trash into disposal categories. It will require lots of time. Clearance businesses do everything for you. Every job at Clear The Lot takes the environment into account, and we sort and get rid of any waste items as effectively as we can.

The Expertise 

When you have to remove a lot of rubbish by yourself, cleansing may initially appear to be an easy or straightforward operation, but you rapidly realize that appearances may be deceiving. Let the professionals arrive with more personnel, information, expertise, and transportation. Here you can view our clearance services.

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