garden clearance

Is your garden overgrown and no longer a livable space? Do you have a pile of junk in your garden that you never seem to get around to getting rid of? Or perhaps a garden shed crammed with old junk you don’t need? If you have all of these issues with your overgrown garden, you are in desperate need of garden clearance.

garden clearance london

A Lost Love

Mrs Weaver is in the kitchen; her dressing gown is trailing behind her as she totters to the sink to fill the kettle. Her black and white cat, Mo, is tucking into his breakfast, his back legs bowing under the ... Read More

Garden clearance & decking removal

A Happy New Year to all our friends and customers! What better time of year to think about clearing out your house or garden. Here at Clear The Lot, we can help you start the year afresh. Here’s some recent ... Read More

Garden clearance in Clapham

Thinking about selling your property? A clean and tidy garden where viewing clients can imagine themselves sitting and enjoying the sun can make all the difference. Our garden clearance services in Clapham can help. We transformed this overgrown garden into ... Read More

Wimbledon Garden Clearance

This garden in Raynes Park, Wimbledon was badly in need of maintenance. We helped out our client with their overgrown garden, including removing four sheds (and their contents), dismantling a greenhouse and taming some extremely enthusiastic ivy. The end result ... Read More