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It’s never a simple effort to clean your house, whether it’s to make more room for furniture or to get ready to relocate. The duty of cleaning your house is frequently undervalued and ignored. You’ve come to the perfect site if you’re looking for a reputable house clearance service.

What Is A House Clearance?

When necessary, a full or partial house clearance Surrey must be planned. Professional companies must step in and do the work quickly while handling disposal during house clearances. Landlords and rental agents may employ the service to make sure the house, flat, or apartment is ready to be inhabited once more. People arrange full or partial house clearances for a variety of reasons. A hoarder’s home may need to be cleared by clearance firms because it is typically crammed with a variety of useless stuff taking up most of the available space. Grieving family members may also contact professionals to handle a deceased loved one’s estate.

What Does Our House Clearance Involve?

Family-owned and -operated Clear The Lot takes great satisfaction in providing courteous, timely, and expert services. No matter the size, our qualified crew takes delight in all clearances. Don’t just take our word for it; see some of our reviews here. We always go above and beyond to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the service they receive. We can handle any clearance project for a home or business because we are completely licensed and insured.

house clearance

After you get in touch with us, we will choose a time and day that work for you so that our staff can come out and give you a free quote. If you decide to proceed, we will schedule a time for the crew to arrive. Our professional team will remove any undesirable items and collect them for disposal in an environmentally friendly manner. We may also provide a deep clean after your space has been cleared out. Cleaning out any mold and bacteria so you can enjoy the new room right away our professionals can quickly dispose of all of your rubbish because we have 10 lorries available.

Our Licenses & Credentials

Choosing the appropriate clearance business to work with is a crucial step in the process. Making the wrong choice could result in costly fines. Make sure you have researched a company’s licenses and credentials before moving further with them. The Environmental Agency Waste Removal License and our insurance policy, which offers complete liability coverage for all of the services we do, are both held by Clear The Lot. We give our customers a trash transfer note to avoid paying a fine for fly-tipping, so you may have complete faith in our services.

Clear The Lot – House Clearance Surrey

Our knowledgeable crew will be pleased to assist you whether you require yard rubbish removal in Hampshire or a house cleanout in Surrey. You might be our ten lorries’ next task with them on standby! Call us at 0203 323 0017 or fill out this form to get in touch with us.

What are the reasons to hire professionals?

There are many reasons to organize a house clearance, whether you are a property owner, a landlord, or a company getting ready to move. You will most definitely save a tonne of time, stress, and money by working with pros. Clear The Lot specializes in clearances and has the expertise to clear anything. We clear everything from gardens in Hampshire to houses in Brighton.

house clearance

Saving Time 

Nobody wants to spend all day organizing and packing their belongings in preparation for a move or disposal. Professionals can help you with your cleaning needs in this situation. It frequently takes a lot of time, effort, and labor to clear a property or an office. After gathering everything, you will need to organize the removal and disposal of the undesired objects. This may necessitate several trips back and forth to your neighborhood recycling facility for those who drive small cars. Professionals can arrive, start the clearance process, and finish it in a matter of hours. They can also handle the removal and disposal of the items, which is typically done by using vans and lorries to transport the waste.

Environmentally Friendly Services 

Here at Clear The Lot, we take the environment and climate change extremely seriously. In light of this, we make an effort to dispose of any garbage we gather in a manner that is as environmentally friendly as possible whether it involves waste that needs to be disposed of through recycling or reuse.

Professional Expertise & Knowledge 

At first, glance, cleaning your home or company may look like a simple or uncomplicated activity. Once the clearing process starts, you could rapidly realize the true scope and amount of time needed to do it effectively. Professionals, on the other hand, are outfitted with the skills and expertise necessary to carry out a planned clearing. All you need to do is let them know what you wish to keep, and they will take care of the rest.

Saving Money

Professional clearance businesses can sometimes help you save money, even though this may initially appear impossible to believe. Some recycling facilities located in counties may charge you to dispose of your trash. Not to mention the cost of gas if you need to make many round trips. Before any work is started, our team at Clear The Lot provides a free quote to customers so they know precisely what they are paying for. You should think of hiring experts to clear your area as an investment that will save you time and stress. Eliminate the financial expenses you would have incurred for the collection, transportation, and disposal of the undesired material.

Clear The Lot – House Clearance Brighton

Perhaps you require a house clearance in Brighton or the clearing of your Surrey office. Ten lorries are on standby by our professional team, waiting to pick up your rubbish! Contact the specialists here; no work is too big for us. You may also give us a call at 0203 323 0017. We’d be delighted to assist.

house clearance

Getting your garden in top form for summer

Making ensuring your garden is in excellent condition is more important than ever as the summer season approaches. In the UK, having a clean, well-kept garden allows you to extend your indoor living area throughout the warmer months. With the help of the following gardening advice, this year’s BBQ will wow your guests. Our knowledgeable team at Clear The Lot can assist you if you need organic trash disposal in Sussex.

Lawn Care

One of the most essential components of the garden is a freshly maintained lawn. Strongly overgrown grass is not appealing. Patches of your lawn that don’t support grass growth can be revived by reseeding and aerating; this will promote root development. Avoid cutting your grass too short since this can harm the lawn’s beauty and root system. It’s crucial to irrigate the grass during summer heat waves to keep its lush green color.

Clear Out the Shed

The back of the garden often houses an unutilized shed where most homeowners keep old bikes, tools, and other detritus. Why not think about demolishing your shed if all it is utilized for is the storage of wood to free up more yard space? You can quickly find the goods you want to preserve and sell by emptying your shed of everything. You can then decide whether it’s worthwhile to maintain it after doing this. It might be unsafe to take down a shed, but our knowledgeable crew at Clear The Lot can pull down your shed or greenhouse here and take care of its disposal.


Maintaining weed control seems like an endless task. You won’t need to pull them out every few weeks if you learn the proper techniques for weeding. It is crucial to get rid of the weed entirely, not just the leaves. By hand, remove the weed and all of its roots. Regrowth might start with a tiny fragment left behind. The process can be aided by weed killers and other chemicals, but pet owners must exercise caution because of their harmful nature.

house clearance

Cleaning the Patio & Decking

When was the last time you cleaned any decking or patio slabs in your garden? On patios and decking, debris such as dirt, grease, and mildew may accumulate very quickly. This summer, your patios or decks will seem brand-new thanks to the cleaning service our professionals are offering.

Clear The Lot – Removals in Sussex

If you ignored your garden throughout the winter, getting it ready for the summer might be very challenging. Why not consider hiring pros rather than attempting to handle the demanding work yourself? Removals are a specialty for Clear The Lot in Sussex and the neighboring counties. We manage the removal and disposal of all green organic trash and clear gardens. Call our specialists at 0203 323 0017 right away.

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