house clearance

A house clearance service is provided by a variety of enterprises, including specialized clearance companies, removal companies, general rubbish removal companies, and ‘man and van’ sole traders.

When a customer requests a house clearing, a straightforward procedure is usually followed.

1. Get an estimate

You must first contact a house clearance firm and obtain a quote. All of our services at Cullens come with free rapid online estimates.

2. Not just the price, but the service as well.

It is critical to compare the service provided rather than just the price. This is vital since rogue clearance businesses and fly-tippers continue to exist, offering a ‘cheap’ fee but then illegally disposing of the waste.

If a rogue clearance company provides false information, you may be held personally accountable for the fine. Be wary of rogue fly-tippers.

There are five easy indicators that a business is trustworthy.

  • Previous consumers’ honest and unbiased feedback. Checkatrade has suggested, validated, and monitored Cullens.
  • The Environment Agency has approved you as a licenced garbage carrier.
  • Maintain current insurance, including commercial public liability insurance.
  • Display their registered company number and, if appropriate, their VAT registration number prominently.
  • A decent website can demonstrate that a corporation has made long-term investments.
3. Book in your service

It’s now time to schedule your house clearance. All you have to do now is set a start day and time for your house clearance. A clearance can take anything from an hour to many days, depending on how much you need cleared.

It is usual practice to pay a deposit to reserve a reservation.

4. before your house clearance

At the very least, a day before your house clearing begins, you should receive a reminder.

5. on the day of your house clearance

On the day of the clearance, a good house clearance business will notify you prior to their arrival at the agreed upon time.

6. Your house clearance begins

When the house clearance team arrives, they should introduce themselves, and you should show them what items need to be cleared. At this point, you will be given a final price, and the team will begin filling up their vehicle (s).

7. Your house clearance finishes

You’ll need to pay the remaining balance of your house clearance after it’s finished.

8. Reuse and Recycle

The things from your house clearing will then be reused, recycled, donated, or discarded by the house clearance crew. Reputable businesses will constantly aim to reduce the amount of waste they send to landfills. Cullens tries to avoid trash as much as possible by donating products to charity. This helps to ensure that items are reused.

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